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2014 年 7 月 15 日  星期二   晴天

fifa coins ps3 Brazil 2-0 victory over Mexico 分類: 未分類
On June 20, Beijing time, fifa coins ps3 the Confederations Cup group a 2nd round, Brazil 2-0 victory over Mexico, and Italy work together to qualify. Neymar 2 consecutive opener, as 1999 2nd in first 2 games of the Confederations Cup after Ronaldinho scored Brazil player, if he assists, reserve forward before the final score. At each World Cup, as a replacement world football, there is a growing group of rookies, jumped into a superstar within the short space of a month. Although, they may have a reputation, but the way to superstar, often accompanied by World Cup craze. Tomorrow, the World Cup will be officially a war, the young superstar, will be fighting for their own future. Montolivo's injury, made from Paris Saint-Germain star.

Actually, Virathit although small has fame, is nearly was excluded in has Italy team of list zhiwai, this is not because strength spoils, now blue clothing Regiment of midfielder, seems to also didn't found best of match way, that just 22 age of youngster, very has may in one fell swoop entered starting 11 people of list, he will in midfielder served as assisted Pirlo of task Virathit was not high, technology delicate and skilled. He played for Italy Pescara, dexterous playing style and impact, are known as Claudio Pizarro and Sebastian Giovinco fired. Virathit superb footwork and excellent vision, and even won the "little Andrea" title. Year round played in the youth team of Virathit, and is considered the peninsula one of football's most promising rising star. At this World Cup, almost sure it was Pirlo's swan song. Virathit of the technology, is expected to become Italy new core. For fans who didn't watch serie a this season, Mo Bilai name seems too familiar. Indeed, this is known as "fixed-peak" top scorer with blowouts like the burst of energy embrace this season's Serie a top scorer's Crown. A few days before the warm-up, Mo Bilai small scale chopper the hat-trick.

World Cup not opening, Bundesliga giant Borussia Dortmund early sign him for the future, "saved" a sum of money. Today, the Italy coach for Mo Bilai starting problem headaches. However, Mo Bilai I see very open: "I respect his decision, and if he wants me to play, I would certainly be prepared. If he'd let on Mario Balotelli, then at least he feels the right choice, and I can only try my best and find his place in the team. I believe thought so, too, when Cesare prandelli decided he shouldn't be questioned. "Like Juventus fans must believe that this World Cup will be the pogba the best time to become a superstar. In fact, pogba France group was only a rookie, but the Bianconeri are important Princes of the humerus. Although eccentric, even a little cocky, but pogba's technical ability is really nothing to say. This Brazil at the World Cup, he and cabaye composition excellent in offensive and defensive midfield combinations, even in the absence of Franck ribery, France still have the inside story very far. World Cup not war, pogba has entered a "superstar status", his strong heart, and is a guarantee of excellent play. Too many World Cup success of the French, especially in the defensive midfield position, pogba will be next? Said neymar is not star, might have appealed.

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