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2012 年 11 月 1 日  星期四   晴天

How to Choosing Good Wholesale Phones From China 分類: Mobile phone accesso...


 China as a development country which become more and more powerful, many country need cooperate with it, many foreign need buy products from it. But do you know how to choosing good wholesale products for example, phones from China? If not, today, let's discuss this question together!

The first thing that you ought to be on the lookout for as you shop for phones from China is whether or not the seller will give you a DOA warranty. This warranty means that in the event that you get the phone and it is not working as it should, the seller can either give you a new phone without your incurring an additional cost or give you a refund. This happens to be a great concern owing to the fact that a large number of the Chinese phones are directly shipped from China and there are a number of sellers who make attempts to spend less on shipping by using air mail and it is possible for air mail damage to occur. Ensure that you get a confirmation from the seller on their DOA policy.


The second thing you should look out for is the logo on the phone. Ensure that the phone that the seller sends out does not have the logo of a brand that it does not belong to. This is so because of two reasons. One is upon reaching the customs, the phone might be appraised for the full price of the logo it bears and two is it might actually be illegal and end up being seized by the customs officials, despite the fact that the chances of this actually happening are low.


The third thing that you ought to look out for is the internal memory; ensure that the phone that you get has an internal memory. In the event that it does not, inquire from the seller about the buying of additional memory. A large number of the china phone sellers will provide you with an affordable extendable memory of up to 16GB and this could help you to save good amounts of money.


The fourth thing that you ought to confirm is that the phone is either quad-band or tri-band and it is possible for it to work in the region that you reside in. There are a number of phones that are specifically manufactured to only work in a number of areas and may fail to work properly in other countries. You can never go wrong with quad-band; it is safe at all times.


You should also inquire from your seller the languages that are provided in the menu of the phone. This is very important especially in the event that you require other languages apart from English and Chinese.

My proposal, as shown, as a chinese i hope our country will more and more powerful, at the same time i hope we can have more foreign friends, i believe if you do like my said your shopping will be very happy with our Chinese people.

2012 年 10 月 19 日  星期五   晴天

360 Degree Rotation Stand Leather Case Cover for iPad 2 分類: 未分類

 We’re certain that the moment Apple unveil the new iPad cases then accessory manufactures will be working hard to get them made in time for the release date. The quickest and one of the more important accessories has to be the iPad case, because without them gaming would become very uncomfortable. One such case that we would like to see released first for the iPad 2/New iPad. This case is made from Durable and high quality PU leather, protect your iPad 2 with this Stylish Premium Leather Case Cover.

This Case offers Superior Protection against Scratches and Shocks, fits Perfectly and leaves all the ports open, rotary Swivel allows 360 degrees rotation. This is just one of a number of cases that we would like to see for the iPad 2/New iPad, along with a choice of trait-tech.com as well.

I got to test this case out recently and put it though its paces. The iPad cases come in All kinds of colors choices, I chose the black and I really like it.it is a nice bright, cheerful color. This case is made from Durable and high quality PU leather, it have a good hand feel, Perfect fit for my iPad 2, so it protect my iPad 2 with this Stylish Premium Leather Case Cover.This Case offers Superior Protection against Scratches and Shocks, rotary Swivel allows 360 degrees rotation, so i can can watch the screen from different angles. When I got the case I thought that having to take it partly off to charge would be a deal breaker for me, but at last i found all the buttons and ports are open, so it is actually much quicker and easier than I expected. You just slip two corners off to charge, which takes about 30 seconds. After charging you need those mini-shoe horns again to put the corners back on, but doing this and resealing the ipad case now takes me less than a minute.

iPhone 5地图上钓鱼岛不是中国的? 分類: 未分類


但不知何时起,网上流传苹果iOS 6的地图中钓鱼岛划分给了日本,这让很多不明真相的国人更加气愤,但事实真的是这样吗?
众所周知,苹果抛弃谷歌地图,选择在iOS 6中内置自家的地图服务,而他们在中国国内选择的地图服务伙伴是高德。或许是面对大家的质疑声,今天高德已经给出了明确的回应。
高德地图的副总裁杨永琦在微博上透露称,该公司的地图产品都是经过政府部门审核通过,才能对外发布的,而即将正式发布的iOS 6中国地图中,都已经清楚的标明了钓鱼岛和黄岩岛是中国的领土,有图有真相。