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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

DN in BNS 分類: 未分類
I get it that you guys are pointing out that imbalance issue affect the combat experiences, that is very true. One of the main point I'm addressing is, their dull animation, you're supposed to be knocked down if you got hit in a way that meant to knock you down. One repeating example that I've used is the Destroyer axe spinning scenario. The enemy remains in the same animation and Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, despite being hit in such way. Those impact factors are within one combat system. If you've played and look at DN's, you would know those aspect would not be affect by any other factors such as graphic, imbalances etc, which is why I say, don't bring those in. I don't really want to talk about it in detail when I assume that you guys have an significant amount of experiences in DN before. Still, in DN, every disabling state such as stun & paralyze plays their own animation in response to the enemies' skills. Asides of paralyze, which only leave you immobilized, let's talk about DN's stun and B&S's Stun. Here's a video of DN stun just in case you don't actually play it. This shows how DN offer better variation in animation while Blade and Soul only makes it standing still. Not only that, incoming skills that come after during the stun animation should also be noted, in Destroyer case, attacking stunned enemy, but the enemy is standing still. I get that classes like Assassin may have skills that actually 'mobile' the enemy up and down, which is perfectly fine, and so do Destroyer. The highlighted key point is that this 'realistic' animation do not occur with every skills that exist in Blade and Soul. Whereas in every skills of Dragon Nest, there will be either flinching, staggering, paralyzing, stunning, knock back and more. Let's us call those state as "impact", alright. What's more important is that those "impact" status and its animation will be overtake by the next hit (be it the same skill or different), which significantly shows a more natural movement reaction of being hit. Even the normal attack of all classes in DN, has their own "impact" towards the enemy, I've yet to see an attacking skill that makes enemy standing still on the exact same spot in DN, while in B&S even though the visual effect and animation means something else, the outcome is nothing but weird. Another situation in Blade and Soul, as Force Master's left click is throwing out small explosive fireball, yet there is no impact inflicted upon the enemy. Yes, some classes may be consider like- tanky build to withstand it, but that did not translate into every existing races and mobs. Here's another DN video, I do hope you watch at least half of it. This video has been sped up a little bit, but nevertheless with Cheap BNS Gold, this DN class is known for its fastest speed and refined flexibility among the other, I've yet to see any classes with such speed in other MMOs yet. Also, if you did not ever play DN especially its PvP, this is recorded in spectacle mode, which mean we are not seeing it in the PvPer's actual view but as third person. Actual view would be really messy due to the intense piloting after all. Sadly, the sound effect got replaced with some random BGM. Did you see how fluid the animation, gameplay and its impact is? And how DN's manual targeting makes the combat essence being more action paced? And I say, using DN as a case study, B&S combat would have been so much better even if the current system is just fine. No matter how much I look into DN & BnS's pros and cons, the combat goes to DN.

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