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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

BNS Freezing Loading Screen Bug 分類: 未分類
Alright, thankfully someone besides me is reporting this issue this time around. However, I would still like to say my piece. This is an issue that's been happening since Alpha 2. (I don't know about Alpha 1 because I didn't get in.) Look, I don't mind that there's a bug, I mean that's what alphas/betas are for, but please give us some sort of confirmation that you know/are working on it. Add it to the known bugs list, come visit our posts and let us know it's being looked into, something! This is a very serious bug and, personally, I feel very ignored about it and I see that some of the others are feeling the exact same way. Anyway, descriptors of the bug. Loading in 80% of the way and then freezing and loading no more. I've let it sit for at least an hour before to no enough Blade & Soul Items. I can make the bug re-appear as many times as I want to because it's a repeatable bug. It's random when it happens but if it does, you best bet that you can't go into that particular dungeon/area for at least 5-6 hours. I've repaired the client, doesn't fix it. I've reinstalled the game, doesn't fix it. I've changed my settings, doesn't fix it. Would I classify it as game breaking? Absolutely. I also have this issue and its with the healing house. It first happened when i went there and I tried to get in the game after work which was 6 hours later and its still having the issue. Since its just the healing house I'm going to try and make a new character on another server to if that brings any results, however I highly doubt it. It would be nice if the devs looked into us or at least reached out to the community that its trying to be resolved. I've personally never experienced the bug during windstriding, if it does however I recommend not to windstride anymore, as loading another 1200 member silver qeue takes longer than just walking there and breaking the zoneseal. I understand some walks are very long and boring, but it is still a closed BETA so until devs have fixed the error itself we can only make use of the workarounds we find and consider if it's worth the wait in comparison to the distance to move to I've tried to glitch the loading screen by spamming screenshots, but unfortunately it didn't affect the loading, whenever I or anyone else thinks of a new way to work around the bug when it's occuring I am willing to test the hell out of it for you guys to know the finest of it and make another post. Until then I can't do alot more really.

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