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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Blade & Soul: NA players vs EU players 分類: 未分類
I already posted on this topic in the official thread ... so im not gonna rant here (well not too much :P ), but i fully support Deioth and the other EU players on this issue. I take great exception to the fact that the original "SOHA" EU CBT name was taken from us and dumped into the NA goodies bag along with Mushin and some others, and we got the left overs ... it openly shows the mindset of the Blade And Soul Items, and trust me ive played enough MMO'S to start seeing this preferential teatment of NA players vs the 2nd rate treatment EU players get (even though EU players tend to be a far more loyal player base who always end up paying more in Euros vs Dollars). @ the NA players who feel they have the right to rage on the forums about EU players ... 1) Server names do matter, and to certain types of guilds and players they matter a lot, there is a X factor to names and games are all about the X factor and suspending disbelief to keep you immersed in the game. 2) Every community has its share of pro gamers/pro guilds on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube who create large amounts of media content which drives the game and keeps new players coming in and they need to be able to market themselves, saying comon join us on BnS on the Bamboo Village server just doesnt lend itself to making a good impression. 3) Many guilds are already recruiting players from various sites and creating web info across social media platforms about their faction and server intentions and this sudden turn about affects everyone and is creating confusion. Thats just 3 points and i could go on but I promised not to rant so ill just end with this ... "Hao District" ... SERIOUSLY :blink: which guy come to Buy BNS Gold... and you say they are trying not to poke the EU players in the rib.

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