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Make Albion Online Silver, Albion Online Gold
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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Is Blade & Soul Worth Playing 分類: 未分類
To start, I don't want this thread to be bashing the two games against each other in a fanboy flame conflict. I just have a question concerning Blade and Soul in comparison to GW2. What's mostly attracting me to Blade and Soul is the aesthetic. As an Asian, I don't really see a lot of such touches into MMOs these days. Even GW2 is quite stingy on Asian aesthetic thus far (at need more BNS Gold). I was thinking about trying out Blade and Soul for that well as the good combat I have heard about from many reviews. Blade and Soul worth investing some time in, coming from Guild Wars 2? Some more specific questions I have include: -How do the stories compare? Is there a strong sense of lore? -Are the customization options good? -Is the cash shop a big issue? To clarify, I don't mind paying for the occasional outfit. However, I will get annoyed if the cash shop is pretty much essential to have a decent game experience (ahem Star Wars: The Old Republic -_-) -How grindy is it? I don't mind working for my goods, but I really don't want to be putting hours on end into the game. That being said, I'm hoping for something a bit more grindy than Guild Wars 2...though not by much if possible :).
bns and gw2 largely play the same, but the main difference as far as im concerned is bns is going to feel way, way more linear. You're more or less doing the same sorts of things, questing in bns or hearts in gw2, but gw2 is just built to make you feel like you're in a more alive world. There's also the public event chains and mastery stuff at endgame now, world completion, fractals, kind of indepth and unique collections/achievement system.
basically, gw2 just has a lot going on in it, and that's really the main reason Id kind of put it above bns. So with that said, I REALLY love bns too, it's just a lot Blade & Soul Items. The stories... gw2 has really good lore, but pretty poor storytelling in my opinion. bns has amazing storytelling, and really awesome cutscenes, and as far as the lore goes I have no idea though because it was all in chinese.
The customization in bns is great, tons of options and the ability to make some pretty unique toons (that still look good, though you can make some freakish ones too if you were inclined)

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