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2016 年 3 月 10 日  星期四   晴天

Blade & Soul: I Have Lost My Name 分類: 未分類
I've been waiting for 6 days now and still have not been able to get my name back. Tomorrow will be a full week ill post back here if I can get it
this was the supports response to my ticket after 5 days Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul support team! For us to be able to assist you with this request, please provide the following information:
Name of the character on Mushin/Windrest whose name and Founder's Pack you would like to transfer.
Name and server of the character to which you would like to transfer the name and Founder’s pack to get more Blade And Soul Gold. Please make sure to create this character beforehand.
As we will be deleting the original Mushin/Windrest character, do you have any NCoin purchases applied to that character that you would like us to refund (gifted items and Premium Membership excluded)? Y/N
Please be aware that this is a one-time request for characters on Mushin/Windrest only. This transfer will not copy over gained levels, non-Founder’s Pack gear/items, or any forms of charact
I made a topic for this already called Character Name Alteration Voucher Duration but by all means please please let the multitude of this subject spread viral and grow like wild fire. It will show you the inside sccop of how long we have been waiting so far. Check it out you'll see I've been under this stormy weather for quite some time now and this umbrella is only going to get bigger =) But let me save you all some time new comers or shall I change that to victims the main quo quo is -How long do we need to wait if we change a name that has already been used?
Have fun with that I sure as hell have not especially knowing that the name that I been wanting for so long is at stake. They should label WARNING: Upon use of name alteration voucher wait time will be so and so...too much sense right mhmm Worse part is they have thee audacity to warn the ticket senders of our most promising dilemma that its a first come first serve basis Blade And Soul Items. Well gee what if... we were first and your broken system screwed us by not warning us and then we lose it. So that whole first come first serve is BS and so are they for not fixing it and not being truthful with the ones who spent their hard earn money and waiting patiently to get the name they so rightfully deserve. Get some =)

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