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2016 年 3 月 21 日  星期一   晴天

Blade & Soul UE3 Engine 分類: 未分類

What I don't understand is players say this game is very technical when compared to other mmos (telegraphing, boss mechanics being very critical, etc) yet no uproar with the bad optimization?! I hate to reference this game, but if there ever was a drop in fps like this in world of warcraft, you definitely would expect mass complaints. here, it just seems like people chalk it up to UE3 and accept mediocre performance.

Well thats how is the UE3 engine it wasnt meant to be used for Blade & Soul Gold. Well there could be possible engine swap if BnS becomes THE Game and devs rly want to do it than maybe with new DX12 we could see some better FPS.

And sorry to say about WoW but if u play wow with the pc that was made 2005 - 2007 ull see the same +/-, with the current ps's there shouldnt be any problems for wow at all as it is rather old game with rather old engine.

In my original post, the rig had a 980ti and 4790k both decently overclocked. That's not low-end PC. That's not even mid-tier PC. That's an upper tier PC without breaking a sweat. There's no reason this game should be bringing that PC down to its knees like that. Granted I haven't had the chance to configure with the settings, but judging by the guy's report, game looks to be extremely poorly optimized. As in Arkham Knight level poor.

2016 年 3 月 19 日  星期六   晴天

Blade & Soul Six Man Group Activities 分類: 未分類
The environments in which these six man group activities themselves are impressive. One minute you fight in a mine where remains of finding a stranded pirate ship and its other dungeon is set in the underground tombs with traps and statues that come to life. The cool design is a pity that the dungeons not keep up in terms of gameplay. Bosses have no tactics alongside dodging red plains on the ground and other enemies bags after a few turns and sticks together. Because no traditional roles in a group - the summoner has a heal-attack, but that's up to - you're soon on the various buttons on the rams, what does the great combat deficit. However, the speed at which you walk through the dungeons too easy, is convenient for the inevitable gravel. namely, you are forced to upgrade your weapon to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. However, this is if you're lucky; most likely you'll find after four or five times the item you came for. A gravel I do not mind if the content I have to do but fun remains and this is not the case in the dungeons in Blade & Soul. Nevertheless, I speak very generally about the way you build your character. Eight different puzzle pieces you wear constantly with you and give you as extra lives or more damage. You can compare well with gears sets from other MMOs: when the whole puzzle you complete, you get bonus stats and you see - as with any puzzle - the full picture of the boss. This gives the already cool enemies do some extra personality. Collecting strong pieces is fairly simple and requires few times through a dungeon. This makes the gravel for your weapon yet more pleasant.

2016 年 3 月 18 日  星期五   晴天

You will cancel their bid in Blade & Soul 分類: 未分類
Anyway, the fact that the same can be done in rolling systems doesn't somehow mean it's not abuse, of course. And it's not just a waste of time. Imagine a bid-off between two or more party members starts at a mid-point in a dungeon, such as for a Soul Shield in Bloodshade Harbor, for more Blade-Soul Gold. None of the competitors can pass through the portal to the next area, because that will cancel their bid. You get 8 seconds per bid, and one person is deliberately bidding at the last second every time. That would almost certainly hold up the party for at least five minutes, and easily for ten. Nobody is prepared to wait that long for a party to progress. Many people would consider leaving the party if two of their party members were competing in a bid for that long. And I know it feels good to suggest that somebody might not have been paying attention and that it was their own fault, but no, I was definitely paying attention. I did go with the lowest possible bid each time though. Sure enough, I probably wouldn't do the same thing again. But something as simple as a 0.3 second forced wait after a big bid jump would prevent this kind of abuse. It's a wonder this hasn't been implemented yet. If you don't like the bidding system, I suggest you find yourself some friends that are reliable and play with them to get what you need. Like me, I never have to bid for anything, nor my clanmates and reliable friends. I have seen clan people on cross server who try to fuck each other up by bidding against each other. The logic of being in the same clan and making 1 bleed for some shitty item that can drop again and again... The biggest issue I have with this system is people abusing it. Aka making the guy who wants a certain item pay higher than necessary. Especially at a fresh released end game, sure this can be only temporary Blade And Soul Power leveling, but it's still an issue. Well but it's indeed better than many loot systems. Sadly the 'need' and 'greed' system won't work in this game, because it does work well in ffxiv (in my opinion at least)

2016 年 3 月 17 日  星期四   晴天

The Fire and Ice in Blade & Soul 分類: 未分類
Before I begin with the guide, I would like to say that this build is just a recommendation and it is based mainly on my playstyle and from advice I gathered from other players. Feel free to experiment with it and suit it to your liking. Most people tend to play Force Master as a pure DPS, forgetting that he has a lot of other useful skill which can make him shine in the battlefield. But unlike the other ranged classes (Summoner and the upcoming Warlock) who are easier to learn and play with Blade And Soul Gold, in order to tap into Force Master true potential and deal the highest amount of damage possible, while keeping your healthbar high, you need a lot of practice and concetration while playing him. The reason behind this is because Force Master hidden power lies on good use of the frost and ember stacks you inflict. The build I'm going to present is an all-rounder, balanced between fire and ice skills with Frost Soul as a passive skill to help boost my ice skills which offer better CC and survailability. For those who don't understand what I'm talking about: Force Masters who spend their skill points on Fire skills can achieve higher DPS than those who spend their skill points on Ice skills. The difference is that Ice Builds usually have a greater advantage against bosses (and also kinda in PvP) as they can just permanently stand behind them and freeze them all they want. So, in other words. Fire is great as DPS and Ice is great at tanking (yeah, you heard me right, you can tank bosses, if specced as full Ice) and support. SKILL BUILD I've spent three point there, for the added effect of "Only detonates ember at 5 stacks", you need that so you won't lose your ember stacks on an enemy when you are using this skill for its other effects which affect frozen enemies. I chose the T3F3 for this skill , because it's better for killing bosses solo, has good damage, and inflicts ember stacks. Though T4F1 of this skill is better suited for clearing mobs, since it's AOE. Double stun effect on this skill is really useful when you want to cc a boss when playing solo. Since, in orderto cc it you need to cast two skills on it with the same effect. With this skill path, you can do it with only one. You don't want the right tree, because of the auto detonation effect of ember stacks, which can screw your combo pretty badly. Instead, T2F1 is ideal for many situations, it restores Focus, burns enemies (which can be used in other combos) and most important of all inflicts deep wounds which is really useful for bosses who regenerate a lot of health. T2F3 path for this skill, for the healing and the focus generation per hit with Blade & Soul Power leveling, also I suggest going T3F3 as seen in the image in order to double the healing on critical hits. I chose this path, because with the reduced casting time it offers, you can easily stack up to 8 stacks of ember to a burning enemy under 4-5 sec. Since, I'm speccing based on the Frost Soul passive, this skill gets a damage buff, going down at the T3F2 path, allows you for faster casting which in turn allows for higher DPS output and because with critical hits , I can stack on frost orbs. One point in this skill, for lower cooldowns and for extra distance. You can choose to not spend any point in this skill if you play a DPS and spend them elsewhere. The reason why I did it is because of the added cc effects and the deflect.

2016 年 3 月 16 日  星期三   晴天

Blade & Soul: the Extremely Inflated Prices 分類: 未分類
Well in the first place those were extremely inflated prices on the TW server we wouldn't end up needing nearly as much. Prices here are 5-25x+ cheaper. Probably going to be even cheaper for Medals of Honor.
But from the looks of it we might be getting the original KR NLab legendary weapons if what babbletr0n said on the livestream is correct. They come from a quest that takes ~12k gold to complete (one of the parts of the quest is literally just give an NPC 5k gold). They can't be upgraded, attack is barely better than True Pirate (313) and they have nothing special besides focus recovery and a defensive buff that is really OP in OWPvP. In terms of offensive stats they're probably worse than Awakened Pirate.
I've been playing casually, though now that I've hit 43 on my assassin, Blade-Soul can see the grind ahead (soulstones, moonwater transformation stones...). I am having fun leveling up alts though. Had 7 character slots with the master pack, was leaving one open for warlock, but since we're getting a free slot, I guess I have no excuse to not make a blade dancer. Unless I leave it open for soul fighter, in case they don't give us another character slot...