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2017 年 6 月 1 日  星期四   晴天

Steps To Remove A Car Stereo System 愉快 分類: 未分類

The car audio business is thriving. New models of car stereos are being released almost monthly, and it's no surprise, being that many people spend a good deal of the day in their vehicle driving to work or running errands. Whether you decide to upgrade your stereo system or have a vehicle with a broken stereo autel maxidas ds808, removing a factory car stereo is relatively easy. Be sure to follow the following steps carefully and the deviation are to be avoided.

You will be requiring the following tools to remove the Factory car stereo. This includes Screwdriver set, a quarter inch drive socket and ratchet set .

The screws that hold the dash plate in place are to be located. Then, the screwdriver

of appropriate size to be used and turned counter clockwise till the screw comes out of the holes Autel MaxiSys MS908. Once the screws are taken out, dash plate is removed and kept aside.

The stereo bolts are then removed. There will be either two or four bolts to hold the stereo in place depending on your vehicle model. Once the bolts are located, appropriate size socket and ratchet are used to remove the located bolts by turning them counter clockwise. Then, the stereo has to be slide far enough out of the hole to see the wires behind it.

Grasp the antenna wire by placing your hand behind the stereo. The antenna wire is the one which will be a black wire and will be of approximately 1/4 inch in diameter. The location of the antenna wire will vary according to each vehicle. Then, the stereo has to be hold using the other hand. Once holding the stereo, pull the antenna wire firmly to disconnect it.

In order to disconnect the power, the power plug to the stereo has to be located. The plug will generally have two colored wires namely red and yellow wire running to it. Using one hand, grasp one side of the plug while grasping the other side of the plug with your other hand. Once grasping the plug, squeeze them and pull them at the same time.

After disconnecting the power the speaker wires are to be disconnected. There will be two speaker wire plugs namely front and back speaker wires which will look one and the same. You will then find the remaining two plugs which are to be disconnected in order to remove the stereo from the place. In order to do this, each side of a plug has to be grasped, squeezed and then pulled at the same time to disconnect them. This process has to be repeated with both plugs following the above procedure. Once all the plugs of the stereo are disconnected, the stereo has to be grasped with your hands and then pull it out of the hole completely.

By following the above said steps, you can do a professional job removing a factory car stereo your door steps without spending a penny.

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