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2017 年 8 月 28 日  星期一   晴天

Tips on Windshield Maintenance 愉快 分類: 未分類

Car maintenance is essential to optimize its performance. It helps you to cut down on recurring repair costs. Follow all the safety measures to keep your car running. Maintenance should be undertaken for each part of the car including lights, breaks, windshields, seats etc. You might be forced to pay big amounts of cash for windshield replacement Plano or engine breakdown otherwise.

Follow cost cutting measures like changing the oil regularly, cleaning the filters, checking the tires, breaks and lights, etc. clean your car daily, if possible to avoid accumulation of dirt on the glasses and other parts. Check with your dealer for regular car servicing. Here are a few tips on windshield maintenance.


It is vital to keep your windshield clean always. It allows you to see the road. Any dirt may block your view of the road, which might lead to harmful consequences. Cleaning also helps you prevent scrapes on the auto glass, caused by sharp debris.
To clean, you can use water and vinegar in a sprayer and use this combination on the auto glass. Then wipe it clean with a cotton cloth.


Windshield wipers, when not maintained properly, can cause damage to the windshield. It is essential to remove the blades and clean them with wiper liquid regularly. Debris or dirt collected on them could cause scratches on auto glass. During windshield replacement Plano, check the wipers and get them replaced too if they are damaged.

Extreme heat

Do not park your vehicle under extreme sunlight. The heat can damage the windshield. Find a shady place for you car in the parking lot. Also, do not use cold water to clean the auto glass if it was exposed to sun light for a long time. The temperature variation might weaken the glass. Any small crack could spider around to form a big fracture and you might have to go for windshield replacement Plano, then.

Extreme cold

In case of snow accumulation, remove it from the windshield as soon as possible. Extreme cold can also weaken the glass. Run the defroster in you car. You can also brush the snow off, but with care so that no scrapes are formed on the glass. Use the water- vinegar liquid spray to prevent frost formation on the auto glass.

Car cover

Cover your vehicle when not in use. Use the cover made out of good material to prevent damage from sun or due to frost. Do not go for ill fitting covers as they can cause scratches on the windshield when covering or removing the cover Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. Moisture resistant covers can also be made use of.

Repair and replacement

When damaged, go for windshield repair or windshield replacement Plano, based on the kind of scratch or crack. If it is a small crack, you can go for repair, where resin injection can meld it. If it is a big fracture, and blocking the driver's view, it is better to get the auto glass replaced. Check with your dealer and make the right choice Autel MaxiCOM MK808.

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