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2017 年 10 月 11 日  星期三   晴天

Troy Lee Air Helmet - Peerless Protection 開心 分類: 未分類

Troy Lee Air Helmet:Motorcycles today have more authoritative than they were a a couple of decades back. Furthermore, It has grown a passion sport and there looks to be no demarcation line by which man can attain these astounding machines race at fastnesses that scorches the road Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. This has been increasing day by day. On one hand, because of the too large speeds motorcycles can cope on the road, there is also an apparent demand to keep driver's security at pace with the evolution of the machine. This is where Troy Lee Air Helmet descends in.

Popularity of Motorcycle Races

Motorcycle races are very hot. Television shows, radio programs and spaces on the dailies are occupied with advertisements on upcoming motorcycle races. The local race trail is one of the few sets where virtually the whole community accumulates. In such contests where money, fame, and luck are defended for, arrangers would prepare too-careful that the contestants are in good order shielded so as to foreclose attainable hurts to them, specially head injuries. In such states of affairs, Troy Lee Air Helmet establishes indispensable.

Helmet for Motocross Racers

In motocross races, motorcycle riders put on helmets diverse in pattern from those put on by race circuit drivers. Because of the odd terrain in motocross racing, rocks and other potentially detrimental objects jut out from the ground every square inch so frequently. For this cause, helmets used must have an prodigious visor, wide panel for the eyes, and a chin guard to protect one's face in case of impingement with the ground. In motocross contests as well as in race tracks, Troy Lee Air Helmet is the popular of all riders.

The Innovative Design

The Troy Lee Air Helmet is an advancing contrive in head protection, combining ventilation, vision, sturdy materials, and sufficient inner panels to engulf the power of impacts - all rolled into one piece of head protection. There is also a wide range of colorations to prefer from. Furthermore, priced just right, the Troy Lee Air Helmet is a steal but unlike others, it will not allow you requiring for more protection from your helmet.

Apart from those remarked above, the Troy Lee Air Helmet also possesses the following:

▪ An improved respiration scheme. Most helmets before the Troy Lee Air Helmet share the general problem of being hot because of lack of decent ventilation.

▪ The inward is accorded with CoolMax comfort liner and cheek pads that protect the cheek area by behaving as a shock absorber on impingement even as they taper moisture and perspiration away.

▪ For an added protective covering to the nose and face area, a roost guard is also supplied, making assured that even on accidents, your face and nose will not be smashed on the ground.

▪ A Vortex visor guarantees that sight will not be marred specially due to hindrance from the elements such as the glare of the sun's light or dust that may gather.

Troy Lee Air Helmet is gettable at Bob's Cycle Supply Autel Maxisys MS908CV. There, you can have a glimpse at the choice pattern of this exceptional helmet with unparalleled protective cover.

Get the full protection with troy lee air helmet available at

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