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2019 年 3 月 25 日  星期一   雨天

Who is the First Exhibition of the East China Automotive Sup 滿足 分類: 未分類

Prospect Analysis: As the industry's oldest professional exhibition, located in the capital, the influence of the New China International Exhibition ", not the individual initiatives of the next exhibition or weak, but, under the premise of assurance services and professional The exhibition site transitions, people have more expectations for the future of the New China International Exhibition (such as the Guangzhou Exhibition Pavilion transitions, but also made a breakthrough expansion of the process). Quite a long period of time, the Beijing Exhibition is still doing my first exhibition of the Northern Region.

Who is the first exhibition of the East China automotive supplies, and by the end outcome

Automotive supplies brand gathering place in the east, apparently, the East as a gathering of automotive supplies brand shake the lifeblood of the automotive supplies industry. However, some automotive supplies exhibition was launched in east China has been mediocre, and no one to enjoy the honor of the first exhibition of the East China automotive supplies recognized. Overview of the second half of 2011, in the end and source can be won head Rongdeng Hua East Exhibition respect

HC Exhibition - China (Hangzhou) Car Accessories Fair is a horse to break through the dark horse

"HC exhibition friends." This is the voice of the entire automotive industry. HC more than a decade as the automotive supplies industry veteran media like a day has been steadfast in their duty Autel MaxiCOM MK808, plays the role of the professional media networks, publications, events, exhibitions and other media channels. 2011, HC strong support of the Hangzhou Municipal Government and China Electronic Commerce Association, will be held in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7-9 December 2011 to carry out, this can be re-launched the automotive supplies industry-wide exhibition of HC expectations. Accurate positioning of the exhibition, 550-800 selection of exhibitors and professional audience of 30,000 people and build a grand "Green Alliance area, the area of foreign trade enterprises and e-commerce area in the automotive supplies industry Waves. Have competed to participate in the industry while concerned about the HC "online and offline interactive exhibition", an old friend of many years of cooperation with the HC China (Hangzhou) Auto Accessories Fair will be out of the East China firmly believe that by virtue of understanding and trust on the HC automotive supplies exhibition impasse black horse.

Automotive supplies industry, the first line under the online interactive exhibition (Corporate Identity index:

Concentrated HC automotive supplies, professional media and e-commerce of the two platform advantage, entity Show Network show three-dimensional spread of exhibitors to create a 360 ° marketing into thirds return.

Green low-carbon is the theme of the Fair, the exhibitors and exhibits selecting the best advocate for the industry of automotive supplies long-term green, environmentally friendly development, a comprehensive display of high quality, safe products for consumers.

4S shops of the country's largest Private Sourcing Conference (Corporate Identity index:

The organizers will be the industry benchmark for "Green Alliance" brand exhibitors FATF 4S shop special procurement of the General Assembly to create high-end brand products into the flow of 4S shop service channels to lock the high-end market.

Procurement Conference of the effectiveness of the automotive supplies industry (corporate identity index:

1:10. The organizers will take the initiative to invite an exhibitors 10 of intent to purchase the buyer's standard for buyers invited MK808TS, do not seek the largest, but to the effectiveness of the best exhibitors trading needs protection.

Jodiemht has been in the car aftermarket industry for 3 years. For more details,Please visit : , and

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