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2019 年 5 月 14 日  星期二   晴天

Work on Your Car and Save Using DYI Auto Diagnostics 愉快 分類: 未分類

Do you love to pay auto mechanics the big bucks? Some of them have sophisticated tools that save them loads of trouble. They plug them in, get the info they need, make the necessary adjustments and hand you the big bill. Something about this just isn't fair. You have experience. You understand the basics of engines and have done several repairs yourself. Why should you pay someone else so much money for auto checkups you can do yourself quickly and easily? What if you could do all this in minutes for a crazy low price? You can Autel Maxilink ML629.

We're introducing AutoTap Express DIY. With the AutoTap express, you'll be saving time and dollars from the moment you plug it in. If you're shopping on line at , you may have seen it. AutoTap is produced by its parent company B&B which was founded in 1981. Their US headquarters are located in Ottawa, Ill. and European headquarters located in County Galway, Ireland.

B&B has been developing and manufacturing automotive diagnostic tools for the automotive aftermarket since 1996 - the same year that OBDII vehicles appeared on the road. They have an inventory that allows them to ship your order the same day they receive it. They will even work with you on custom designed diagnostic tools Autel MaxiCOM MK908Pro. To back up their quality products, AutoTap provides free technical support in addition to an extensive library of technical reference articles. Customer service is not only a part of the AutoTap culture - it's their mission. You'll recognize this if you ever need their support.

If you want to save money and time and do some auto checkups yourself, you simply follow these few steps. You will need either a Windows laptop or netbook to perform the diagnostics. Windows version 7 is supported as well as Windows versions going back to Windows 2000 SP4. Your computer needs a USB port and a CD drive as well as 1 gig of RAM and 250 meg of hard drive space. Apple computers are not supported.

AutoTap Express comes with the hardware to connect to your 1996 or later vehicle and the software required to do the diagnostics. To confirm that your vehicle is OBDII compliant, check the emission compliance sticker which will be under the hood or on the door frame. To use the tool, simply plug it into the port on your vehicle and into your computer with the software installed. Follow the instructions on every screen and you'll be getting diagnostic information that previously only mechanics could see.

Whether you've seen this product on MyReviewsNow or heard about it from a friend, the same low price applies. This is one more reason why automotive diagnostics DIY may be the best choice for you. Whether you sense there is something wrong with your vehicle or you just want to make sure everything is ok - DIY diagnostics will help solve your problems. Perhaps you want to know if your vehicle complies with inspections, many of these can be done with your own AutoTap product instead of paying top dollar to someone else for the same results. Of course, these types of tools won't replace a qualified mechanic when you really need one, but they will make auto checkups easier. AutoTap will not reprogram your vehicle or control solenoids - it is simply a diagnostic tool designed to get valuable information on the condition and operation of the drive train of your vehicle.

In addition to AutoTap for cars, there is also an AutoTap product for trucks. Learn more about it on the AutoTap web site. Go to for more information on DIY auto diagnostics.

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