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2020 年 7 月 8 日  星期三   晴天

Three tips for buying an electric oven 分類:

The first step of purchase: determine the type of business according to the frequency of student use

The large ovens currently on the market are divided into three general control automatic types (timing thermostat, power), temperature and ordinary simple timing mode. For general households, the choice of temperature control timing patterns is sufficient, because when this type of function is completed, the cost is higher. Household appliances such as the famous brand oven products launched by the United States, it also has automatic temperature control, heating, timing functions, to meet the daily home barbecue, baked bread, pizza, baked biscuits and other cooking needs are more than sufficient.

If you like baking food, often we need to use different baking cooking teaching methods for families, you can design and choose a higher-grade three-control automatic type, this type of enterprise products develop all kinds of baking functions, but The price is more expensive. For family education where students only bake food occasionally, the ordinary simple type is an "entry level" product. Teachers should note that although the market price of this type of main product is cheaper, since the temperature and time of the environment are manually managed and controlled, it is necessary for the information user to carefully control the fire of the baking to avoid the food being "squeezed" or excessively baked. Affect delicious.

Choose the second step: choose volume based on food ingredients

The capacity of the electric furnace is generally between 9 liters and 34 liters, so the purchase purpose must be fully considered when selecting the electric furnace. 9 to 12 liters is enough for a family of three toast, as well as a turkey dinner or barbecue party, use as much as possible. Among the major brands currently on the market, Midea has a wide range of product lines, with a capacity of 9-28 liters, a power of 1000-1500 watts, an optional temperature of 70-250 °c, and a price of more than 100 yuan-more than 1,000 yuan to meet the needs of different families. .

It should be reminded that the oven is not as low in power as possible. The high-power electric oven has a fast heating speed and less heat loss, but will have more power. Appliance toasters should generally choose products that exceed 1,000 watts.

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Purchase and the third step, according to the "inside and outside" details to observe the quality of life

The oven is good and the first appearance should be well sealed to reduce heat loss. The furnace door opens most of the way from top to bottom, so the lubricity is carefully tested on the box door. The door can not be too tight, otherwise it is easy to pry open and burn people; not too loose to prevent accidental use.

The more grills and grills inside the electric oven, the better. For high-end products, we should have at least 3 baking trays, which can be relatively close to upper heat, lower heat, and located in central China. For example, for the EC25AR-LR electric oven launched by Midea, not only can design 3 layers of freely exchangeable barbecue trays, barbecue racks, but also adopt hot air convection development cycle and 360-degree rotating barbecue technology, so that food resources can be fully realized The orientation is evenly heated, and the baking treatment effect can be better. In addition, whether the internal control of the oven has easy-to-use cleaning ability is also a focus of investigation. Mid- and high-end market products in the United States adopt non-stick oil cavity and independent crumb tray design, which is very quick and easy to clean and use. Of course, whether the random accessories such as barbecue grills, barbecue trays, picking clips, crumb trays, rotating grill fork components, etc. should be equipped with complete facilities, whether it is a big brand, whether the content of the warranty terms are scientific and reasonable, etc. are all issues to be considered when purchasing.

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