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Make Albion Online Silver, Albion Online Gold
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2016 年 3 月 15 日  星期二   晴天

The same content 20x in Blade & Soul 分類: 未分類
There are other factors involved beyond just gold/time ratio. And yes some people bring it up because once youve run the same content 20x, its not just a game anymore, its more like work when the game forces you to repeat the same content 50x to progress in any meaningful way, and its not like you have choices. at 40 daily quests per day, and with needing gold and soulstones, you are basically forced into the same exact dailies per day to see any meaningful progression, and Im talking about needing a week of grinding 3-4 hours a day to upgrade my lvl 36 ring. Really? For a 4 year old game that is giving us the content at a rapidly different pace than the original releases?
Most other older MMOs offer you ways to "catch up" for far less than what is looking like the equivalent gold cost of real life money of $600 (thats six hundred fucking dollars), and that would be to catch up to 45. Much less the 50 cap when it comes - the entire reason of stringing Blade And Soul Gold along in the first place instead of dumping it all at once was precisely so they could keep the material upgrades the same instead of being forced to reduce costs similar to cinderlands. But nope, NCFCKS wants to milk us? I for one wont stand it because the quality isnt worth the value.
As a KFM with 150-200ms ping, doing blackwyrm is just impossible without knowing the exact seconds of the aoes because, what a great idea, lets add iframes to .2 second cast time abilities that dont animation cancel most of your other skills. With a cast time of what appears to be 1sec, i have less than 100ms to react - almost impossible for most humans) Or how a 4 year old game expects people to progress with the same exact time and money requirements other regions had far more time to accomplish it in, without reducing requirements. It's insulting honestly. This means I'm fairly locked out of great ways to progress unless I roll a class I dont want to play or invest even more money on a better PC. (i7, 980gtx, seriously wtf).
That is really unreasonable, and having game breaking bugs like being unable to rez for some bizarre reason resulting in not being able to do enough dmg on blackwyrm to even get credit for Blade & Soul Power leveling after a 5 minute battle (despite being geared enough for BSH24) is just inexcusable. The blackwyrm fight for a KFM in particular with all the lag and such of the unreal 3 engine, combined with the mountain of repetitive dailies as endgame (3-4 hours a day for a month to "catch up"??), just is massively discouraging to anyone remotely informed about the upgrade paths ahead of them.
I wont put myself through it; and I guarantee you a lot of other westerners wont either. In countries where they make like 2 dollars a day fucking sure, have at it.

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