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2019 年 8 月 21 日  星期三   晴天

Car Engine Fluid Maintenance 愉快 分類: 未分類


You may know how to fill your car gas tank, but can you regularly service your car without spending money at a car mechanic? Do you only check the oil when your engine starts making loud noises, or do you know when to properly change your oil so that you are not in a costly situation? What other car engine fluids need your attention? Here is a brief summary of the significance of the 3 car engine fluids you should maintain regularly to ensure your vehicle's longevity.

1. Engine Oil

The oil in your car creates a thin, lubricated barrier between the engine's fast-moving parts. On one hand, if your engine is well-oiled, then it will run smoothly and quietly. If your engine has no oil at all however, it will seize up very quickly and most likely never move again!

When your car engine oil is brand new, its lubricating properties are at their peak. Over time, however, the oil grows progressively dirtier and begins to lose these lubricating properties. Most mechanics recommend an oil change every 3000-5000 miles. Aim to change your oil every 4000 miles unless directed differently by your car manual or dealer. Many newer cars require oil changes less often than older cars.

Your car also has a small oil filter through which the oil runs during your vehicle's normal operation. The filter keeps the oil fresh longer, removing any dirt or debris that may enter the fluid. It does no good to run clean, fresh oil through an old, dirty filter, so your filter should always be changed at the same time as your engine oil! As standard practice, any mechanic or dealer who performs an oil change should replace the filter at the same time.

2. Coolant (Antifreeze)

The coolant serves 3 important functions for your car engine: It prevents freezing, prevents overheating, and helps lubricate certain parts.

In colder climates where temperatures regularly drop below freezing Autel Maxilink ML629, antifreeze prevents the engine water from freezing. If the water in your engine freezes, it typically causes major and costly engine damage! Whereas water alone freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, properly mixed antifreeze can protect a car engine down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Conversely, in extreme temperatures the coolant raises the boiling point of water to prevent the engine from overheating Autel MK908. Antifreeze is also a vital lubricant for parts of the car engine that do not have access to the oil.

Your antifreeze does not need a change nearly as often as your engine oil does - most mechanics recommend antifreeze should be replaced between 50,000-150,000 miles. However, older cars need an antifreeze change more often than newer cars. Check with your vehicle dealer to find the best time to have your antifreeze checked in your particular vehicle.

3. Transmission fluid

The transmission fluid works very similarly to your engine oil, forming a protective barrier for fast-moving metal parts. Most dealers recommend a transmission fluid change in automatic transmission vehicles every 50,000-100,000 miles. Because each make and model is different, consult your vehicle manual to find out how often your transmission fluid needs to be changed.

These 3 fluids are vital for the life of your engine: so check and change them regularly! If you are unsure when these fluids need to be changed or whether they have been changed, consult your local dealer or mechanic. If your vehicle has any other problems, a certified mechanic or dealer will be able to assess your vehicle and recommend repairs. Just as you need to maintain your physical body with regular exercise, healthy eating and brushing your teeth, you also need to take proper care of your car to ensure safety and extend its life.

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