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2014 年 6 月 19 日  星期四   晴天

I'm just passing through your world 分類: 未分類

Scattered in the throttle in first met, beautiful life touched encounter. Encounter in this sad and sunny April, when the crossing time is now hidden sorrows and joys and impermanence. You promised me a dream, I remember everything about you.

In fact, I was a pointer һö clock face, alone standing around, watching while transfer time gone, and I could do nothing. I like people, there are nasty people. But always powerless. Sometimes wake up, forget yesterday, what with what people do together. Then busy rushing about to begin a new day. What it feels like, and he did not know.

We are always looking, always critical Loop app, always dreaming, always opinionated. In hate people do not even know that others do not, too bad for their deep pain, illness hypocrisy, even hate a person's courage did not.

Shuttle this strange city, I love the smell of the breeze passing a plume quiet atmosphere without irritability; bangs I like the breeze, and the hair that struck fingertips brake comfortable; I like moonlight shed, that messy hair riding a bicycle without restraint reflection ........

So I got used to not expect fantasy will become a reality, just want to guard my bubble; Then I got used to everything about you, but if done consistently with any record .......

If love can interpret this life you never miss, would not be lonely moonlit thoughts. Night too long, miss is a silent sorrow, can not erase the moonlight invaded wet darkness becomes transparent extremely florid language are King kept a layer of tulle, turned into a lonely smoke. So, I came to like the crowd was suddenly silent .......

If love can be interpreted, all have scars will be able to interpret all have to really be able to exchange sincerely love a person would not have lonely. Block is still able to meet in a small city, a simple smile, a little happiness wanton embrace, be nice, but really only if ...... So, those who have a warm and gentle smile vows, will be my difficult to erase the scars and can not forget the memories.

If love can be interpreted, that once we can achieve the highest power of the oath, you and I met, we can reschedule. Well, life is not easy. In one day, I do not have to think hard will you forget it. However, this is not just the story of the legend. Nor is it to be staged tomorrow drama. I can not find the originals dc electric motors, then, will you sum erased, then, started to like interpretation of "the Bowl."

If love can be interpreted in a meet you later, I would not be sad, to accompany the people around me is you, then I will become a way of life. I leave you with tears and laughter; leaving me to dream and pursue you; morning and evening I leave you; shall I know this world you exist, there must accommodate you and hug me everything about you. I know you must be, and must be in front of a junction or a platform waiting, I know you will eventually surprise came. And I knew them by surprise ......

If you must use some inherent word description, I would like to write a bunch of ordinary text promise you a look back; seeing you dressed in military uniform, like I know anything with a chapter on the shoulders of the army, which you sit quietly corner, while a second one is my unforgettable moment to leave Managed Security.

Occasionally, a smile, they instantly lofty confidence. Youthful looking pen, so stubborn, so elusive. Little idea that became a wonderful language words; little stubborn, written in a unique time; little romance, and turned it into really love you. In fact, do not have it, lived an extraordinary day ........

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