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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Beta State On Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 I agree with others that the re-roll system is a bit of a thumb in the eye to crafters in general. Maybe make an item that can be crafted and sold to allow for a re-roll? At the very least drastically increase the price of re-rolls to make it worth checking for Epic and Legendary items, now it is simply not worth the effort by buy Albion Online Gold. I am hoping that when the game releases the repair merchant is not set statically in each town as it is now. It seems like a waste of building and maintaining one on a guild/personal island. Having that building as a "admin" owned building really detracts from the idea of a player economy. It is your best opportunity for an easy silver sink without really changing anything. I am hopeful that these things are setup as they are because of the game being in a Beta state.

By having our name locked to who can salvage it for the fame, it prevents us from buying tons of gear for more fame.
The price of gear, versus the price of mats versus the amount of fame gained from crafting versus gained from salvaging will determine if there is value in it or not to actually buy items and salvage them for fame. With the current market, itll be worth it. I dont see the market changing too hard around this, so you can still get benefit by crushing the items versus crafting them.
This can be fixed by having salvaging not a high fame reward, which still gives incentive for more mats to rebuild and more fame slightly still.
this seems like a band aid fix to an issue on a server already live. once a fresh server is used this will not fix your issue at all. because now you have made making usless items a revenue stream. crafters can now buy up or gather lower resources and sell items on AH to players that want to power level with Albion Online Silver. this is why the idea to LOCK the items to the crafter for learning is the better route. as the only excess items on market will be the over craft from personal learning. sure you can still "power level" with silver by buying the resources on the market but this makes an economy as i am buying from gatherers as a crafter. with how you want to implement. crafters will just be selling to other crafters making it a closed loop system.

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