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Life has been the fall in those years.
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2013 年 12 月 31 日  星期二   晴天
Be a quiet woman

Hair or hair, hair root to fall, look in the mirror, a white hair, eye greaten every day. Pick up the gear, pull the white hair embroidery logo, lost, helpless, sad, an attack on the heart.

The youth like it was yesterday, how old is old? In fact the merciless years when, I always on the road. Temper, irritability, straight talk, the leadership, colleagues always have something to say, never hide, what happened to always want to go to the pursuit of perfection, the result is often tired heart, hurt feelings, and even forged hatred.

Along with the age growth, with rich experience and perception of life, since I feel bad habit a lot, since that mature many, but the static under heart to come, or not enough.

Looking around the gentle, cool, quiet woman, I envy, admiration, more is the inspiration and encouragement. I know that light is a kind of attitude, is a kind of charm, is a kind of spirit, is a kind of quality, is a kind of feeling, is a kind of elegant out of the ordinary is clear, elegant, afford much food for thought is simple, is a kind of recover one's original simplicity beauty. They had and idle, calm and elegant, like Akiba Shizumi, gives a quiet, but full of skilled, steady, sincere, beautiful.

With this idea, I try to change their. So, I often said to myself, to be a quiet woman, make every effort to do not bother not angry, not urgent not impetuous, indisputable rob. Based on the actual, not the pursuit of high taste, do not participate in the flashy things, not keeping up with the Joneses taste level, do not care about personal gains and losses, indifferent to live a good life, Aio Noriko, Jing industry to do a good job, examine oneself, feeling no shame. Not with vigour and vitality, but safe, happy. Life cloud, not heavy make-up, letting nature take its course, as long as clean, neat, generous; chats, the words do not have much, sound not high, always smiling, while others.

I often say to the husband, want to do a quiet woman, let the husband home feel warm and sweet love, let the husband to remind me, "supervision" me, encouraged me. Have their own preferences, principle, belief and pursuit, not eager for a quick success, not flamboyant light, be unmoved either by gain or loss, calm. No matter how big or small, no matter how good or bad, do the heart is as calm as water, calm and gentle manners. Learn to know, learn compassion, learn Thanksgiving, learn to germany.

I often take the books say, want to do a quiet woman. In the daily busy then, on weekends, holidays, to use the knowledge to give charm, with elegant spend the leisure time, enrich their inner. Holding a favorite book, my thought flying from the text of the smart, a taste of the ecstasy of relaxation. Holding a book, quietly bathed in elegant fragrance, Heartbeat chewing a contented. Or true delicate, or writing, or gorgeous long charm, and read with good, free thinking, and feeling with love, heart. Because the knowledge, literature will give a woman a kind of wisdom, a romantic, a kind of temperament. Women fall in love with words, the heart is full of passion.

I often say to the friend, want to do a quiet woman. Too busy to take the time to meet friends, shopping; too busy to play the piano, launched his melodious voice, listen to music, flying their own feelings in the melodious music, my heart to fly; too busy with their hands, a pair of gloves, for family knitting a pair of socks, tasted the joy of success; happy, sad, want to cry to cry, let your tear away all the sadness; suffer, not to hate; when her husband tired, smiled at him indifferently, a cup of hot tea, knead according to knead shoulder, let him feel a dull warmth; elderly sick time, delivery arm's hand on a pair of, let them feel our filial piety; when the child was confused, give them a gentle touch, let them grow in the warm embrace of feeling; the relatives and friends when thinking of you, give them a meeting CCIBA, in the send to relatives and friends gathered in blessing.

I know the years in a hurry, youth Perishable, streamer moment. Can't see through the red dust in a mirage, insubstantial objects, cannot wield is time flies. In fact, life should be so. If you think your heart do Enron, indifferent, leisurely, as long as they can touch your heart is happy.

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