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empty new home
Life has been the fall in those years.
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暱稱: empty new home
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2014 年 6 月 19 日  星期四   晴天
frequent resupplying

Our school systems will be letting the children out of school for the summer tomorrow. We’re a bit later in the release than we should be because of those few days this past winter when the threat of snow was enough to galvanize the county officials into closing the schools before anything actually happened discount designer sunglasses.

I’m not sure why the kids even bother going, because it’s definitely not business as usual in the classrooms. There have been pizza parties, awards ceremonies, and cleaning, lots of cleaning. In fact, Dudette’s class went so far beyond emptying their desks that the students were requested to bring a change of clothes with them in case they got so wet and dirty they would need to change.

I don’t remember doing that kind of thing when I was a child. Of course, in second grade, I was in a British school in Beirut so things were run a bit differently Private Cloud. The one thing that remains constant is the excitement I felt back then over being released from my educational prison and the thrill Dudette is feeling for the same reason.

While I’m looking forward to having my little partner for the next three months, I’m a little concerned about what her presence at home 24×7 is going to do to our food budget. Her constant energy levels require frequent resupplying.

For instance iPhone cover, I threw these cookies together shortly before her bus showed up so she’d have a snack waiting when she walked through the door.  She ate four (and then I forced her to eat an apple).


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