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2014 年 5 月 27 日  星期二   晴天

buy fifa 14 coins Moyers meets Manchester United's request 分類: 未分類

Beijing time yesterday, 2134, Everton and current head coach of the club announced through the official website of David. Moyers left after the end of the season.buy fifa 14 coins An hour later, Manchester United official announced that Moyers in team's new coach, he will be officially took office on July 1, both sides time to first sign up for 6 years, Moyers and Everton's contract expires after this season, previously he has rejected the Club's renewed demand. After Alex Ferguson announced his retirement, Moyers had a candid conversation with the Everton Chairman kenlaite, showed the attitude of hope to coach Manchester United. Last night, Everton Moyers was formally announced the end of the season to leave the news and expressed thanks for his many years of work. Since March 2002, Moyers has been teaching at Everton, he take a team threatened with demotion to the Europa League game, and repeatedly beat top teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea in the Premier League. Moyers coaching ability has been universally recognized, has been Ferguson's appreciation, and recommend he succeed themselves as United manager Moyers defeated Manchester United manager Mourinho, more famous successor, caused no small controversy among fans, but Ferguson insists that he is eligible to take their classes, saying that he has the ability to bring Manchester United to new heights. More Manchester United playing also expressed support for Moyers, former Manchester United goalkeeper shumeiqieer says Moyers coached for more than 10 years at Everton, has fully demonstrated his loyalty and ability. Retired Gary.www.fifaseller.com Neville also believes that Manchester United welcome stretches of coach, Moyers meets Manchester United's request. In addition the former Manchester United, Dennis. Dr, Club Ambassador Bobby. Charlton have also expressed support for Moyers, and believe that a lack of experience in European competition will not restrict Moyers and his level of play will be Everton boss status after signing for United team finished the last two League games, then taking office on July 1. Complete the break-in period for assisted the new coach as soon as possible, Ferguson will remain moderate intervention teams for next season. Moyers joined Hou will and old disciple Rooney heavy continued leading-edge, according to which of transfer applications has was dismissed, also Manchester United also in Active sought buy back Ronaldo, reputation moment of "Rowe-Nick" combination whether will in Moyers hands reproduce will is a worth looks forward to of suspense in numerous candidate name handsome in the, Manchester United select has fame minimum of Moyers, certainly not only because he is Ferguson of Scotland fellow of causes. The main reason there is only one, Moyers is good at spending money to do, and that's exactly what most needed trait now Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyers is not a successful player, in addition to the Celtics for a short period of time, his players time spent most of his time in England's lower divisions. However, some people are just born to coach, Moyers made a failed career player, but the coach road is smooth.

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