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2015 年 7 月 20 日  星期一   晴天

Feta Frozen Yogurt with Blood Orange and Mint Granita! 分類: 未分類

Greek yogurt and Greek feta were meant to be friends, and served along with the Blood Orange and Mint Granita, it's an orgy of ingredient love. Too weird? Not for me... Anyway! If you've never bought a little cup of greek yogurt and put it in the freezer for your own frozen yogurt treat, then you're really missing out. This little dish takes that guilty pleasure to a whole new level. Here in Texas, spring really is right around the corner; our days are getting warmer, so it is perfect timing for this icy goodness. Some fun facts: this dessert is super healthy, but you can add sugar if you want. Also, sheep's milk cheeses have the highest fat content and the least amount of lactose, so they are really easy on your belly Nutrilon. Lastly, despite my pictures (a bit melty) this frozen yogurt holds up really well, more like ice cream, once you let it firm up all the way.

It's rare to come across a recipe that's both sophisticated and economical. Just four ingredients and three simple stages and you have a dessert that's easy enough to whip up for your kids and impressive enough for a dinner party. The granita offers a balanced sprinkling of bitterness and sweetness. And the frozen yogurt (which, by the way, gets very hard in the freezer; leave it out for a bit before scooping) is tangy with lashings of salt and honey. Make sure you use full-fat yogurt, and if you can't find honey-flavored, just buy plain and sweeten it with honey (we did it both ways and they worked out fine). And get ready for a grown-up, faintly subversive dessert.

Serves 4

For the Feta Frozen Yogurt

1/2 cup soft feta cheese, preferably fresh and packed in water.
9 ounces honey flavored greek yogurt

For the Blood Orange and Mint Granita

2 big fat juicy blood oranges
1 handful mint leaves
maybe have a small lemon on hand in case your blood oranges are crazy sweet and you'd prefer a bit more acidity
possible garnishes: a drizzle of honey, your sister's pink peppercorn sugar cookies.

Tune your iPod or Pandora Radio to Sarah Vaughan. Or Dinah Washington. Or just play Nancy Wilson's "Peel Me a Grape" on a loop.

Get out your immersion blender, or beaters, or your whisk and gumption, and put your feta and 6 ounces of honey flavored greek yogurt into a freezer safe bowl. Now beat or blend those fellas til they are smooth. Don't worry if there are some tiny chunks of feta, they are going to be little salty bursts of flavor in this sweet dessert.

Stir in the remaining 3 ounces of yogurt, cover with plastic wrap, and put in the freezer for a few hours or until frozen.

Cut the blood oranges in half, run a knife around the inside rim, and gut them with a spoon. Put the guts into a bowl. Don't worry if a bit of rind goes in, we just want as much pulp and juice as possible.

Squeeze any leftover juice from the orange peels. Zest the orange peels into the bowl. Throw in a handful of mint and immersion blend or food process the mixture til it is quite pulpy. Strain through a strainer. Compost the pulpy remains, or something, we're only using the beautiful blood orange juice infused with mint.

Pour a thin layer of the liquid into a freezer safe baking dish (I used a round cake pan, it was gangbusters). Freeze for 2 to 3 hours, but do check on it frequently and rake through it with a fork every time it looks like the liquid is freezing, maybe every 30 minutes? Keep an eye out and fork handy, as I'm not sure how cold your freezer is or which pan you used. My granita looked like glittery flakes of blood orange ice after only an hour and a half or so.

Scoop feta fro-yo into a pretty dish, top with granita, maybe with a drizzle of honey, and turn your music machine to Ella Fitzgerald's version of "Goody Goody," then eat your little treat standing up in the kitchen. And I hope you're satisfied, you rascal you!

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