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2014 年 1 月 6 日  星期一   晴天

As impermanence 分類: 未分類

For the long years the living of the dead knows nought, though to my mind not brought, could the dead be forgot. Chiri solitary, nowhere bleak. Revived even if she be, could she still know me? My face is worn with care, and frosted is my hair hc ecig.

Busy fall, leaves.

Speech to make the busy, infatuated crazy fans, way down empty, but is ultimately end up lonely.

A person standing at the window, watching the sky Yunjuanyunshu, remember the past time;

A person sitting under the tree, all the flowers bloom, read the world;

The corner of a person, an empty lonely, sad tears, confused world that flourishes.

Life is full of ups and downs, noble career; life dull such as water, reveals the truth to a niche in the temple of fame; life, filling the place in history.

Acting all earthly bustling life ups, see. Whether it is easy or not, whether sunny or sad, dream and play That's it.

Ancient cloud: Life is but a dream., life is like a play. Life is short, the unpredictability of life, is Zhimingletian, or Human effort is the decisive factor.? Life is fleeting., show life flourishing, acting all life lonely,

The world gave the word "life" Fu, giving too many insights, but is at a loss, no one can figure out. Different experiences, treat life views and opinions are different. Easy, life is beautiful, but time is short; vision, full of hope and light; not fast dc motor 12v, long life, full of twists and turns and thorns; be abandoned, the dark do not see the light.

Life is a dream, an illusory. How high is the illusory dream, there are many high. The world can not escape the hypocrisy, avoid complex. There are a lot of people: have not had time to cherish, but has gradually become friends; there are a lot of dreams, have not had time to work hard to do, but has gradually become the old things; there are a lot of friendship, have not had time to understand, but has gradually disappear in smoke. All in all, have not had time to... Get the life and death, often give a dreamlike trance feeling. Once did not understand the truth, but early slip.

Life is but a dream., life. Live in the dream, the dream is dead, the performance of get and death. Is sad, or happy, dream and opera, in fact That's it. Want to master their own scenes, do their own executives, out of confusion, confusion, find the light outlet.

Life is like chess, people who know the life, like chess as carefully Shen action itself to walk every step, is also wrong, win or lose, only in the fingertips. Life is different with chess, chess life life, once the wrong step, never want to go that way. To start the situation, and the chess differences precisely on this, chess can calculate, can re start, but life? Only the brave, wise move, walk every step of the way. Life is actually lose something, perhaps is not terrible. Terrible is not in the effort, then. All the winning is life experience, accidental and inevitable, as long as the courage to choose the distance gucci handbags sale, perhaps can stand higher. Life, for, as long as the, winning or losing is not important, it is wonderful.

Life such as water, water current, but also downstream, life is a joy and pain, but also the pursuit of and thinking, we should try to adapt to the environment, but also have to work harder to change the environment, we should be a little more flexibility, more tolerant, can take temporary setbacks when necessary, because too hard object, often times, easily broken only elasticity, is the true life, flexible, can overcome more difficulties, overcome the more setbacks, this is the true meaning of life.

Life is a dream, is a waste one's life? Or round the clock? Life, depends on you, That's it.

2013 年 10 月 21 日  星期一   晴天

Balotelli out for further games 分類: 未分類

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli is an injury worry for the Serie A giants ahead of next week's Champions League clash with Barcelona after suffering a thigh injuryproduct labeling .

Milan, who sit in 12th position and are already 13 points behind league leaders Roma, had been set to welcome Balotelli back from a three-game banCCIBA.

However a thigh problem suffered in training means the Italy international is expected to sit out Saturday's league fixture at home to Udinese and could be doubtful for Tuesday's visit of Barcelona to the San SiroMen fashion.

A brief statement by Milan said: "Mario Balotelli has reported a muscular pain in his right thigh. The player will be monitored in the following days to ascertain the extent of the problem and the appropriate treatment."

After two games in Group H, Milan, on four points, sit second behind the Spanish giants after a win against Celtic and a draw away to Ajax.

2013 年 9 月 23 日  星期一   晴天

New-look Scorchers shun the booze 分類: 未分類

One year ago, the Perth Scorchers had a thirst for booze Hong Kong ip networking.

Now, their only thirst is for hard work and success.

West Australian cricket was brought to its knees last October when it was revealed the Scorchers had embarked on a late-night drinking session during their failed T20 Champions League campaign in South Africa .

All but three players of the 15-man squad were involved in that infamous night, the affair costing Marcus North the state captaincy and eventually Lachlan Stevens his job as WA coach.

The saga was just the tip of the iceberg, with a review into the team's culture highlighting a desperate need for change.

That has been implemented by new coach Justin Langer, whose recipe for success is putting hard work into good people.

The fruits of his labour are unlikely to come just yet, with the Scorchers considered rank underdogs to win this year's T20 Champions League in India.

But Langer is refusing to wave the white flag, telling his young squad to take a 'no fear' approach into the lucrative tournament.

A host of injuries and withdrawals means the squad is almost unrecognisable compared to that of a year ago.

Shaun Marsh (hamstring), Mitch Marsh (hamstring) and Pat Cummins (back) are all nursing injuries, while Nathan Coulter-Nile (Mumbai), Alfonso Thomas (Somerset) and Mike Hussey (Chennai) are unavailable.

The Scorchers still have some experience in the form of Simon Katich, Marcus North, Adam Voges, Michael Beer and Brad Hogg.

But the rest of the squad are kids, some of whom are barely known within Australia, let alone on the world stage.

Langer said they had the chance to repair the Scorchers' battered reputation.

"What happened 12 months ago is irrelevant to me," Langer said wood cabinet storage.

"We've got a strong foundation here now.

"We'd probably be the biggest underdog in the tournament I reckon.

"We've lost five or six of our marquee players. But we've got some amazing kids.

"The one professional advantage we've got is the close-knit nature of the team, whereas some of the IPL teams just come together every now and then."

Veteran spinner Hogg said he'd been amazed by the maturity shown by some of his younger teammates.

"They're just so switched on. They don't want to have a drink, they just want to sit there and talk about cricket," Hogg said.

"They're the best of mates.

"I don't think I've seen anything as close in a complete group as probably the two World Cup teams I went away with."

The Scorchers begin their campaign on Monday against South African champions Highveld Lions in Ahmedabad Fundsupermart.

Scorchers: Ashton Agar, Michael Beer, Jason Behrendorff, Hilton Cartwright, Burt Cockley, Liam Davis, Brad Hogg, Simon Katich (capt), Joe Mennie, Marcus North, Joel Paris, Tom Triffitt, Ashton Turner, Adam Voges, Sam Whiteman.

2013 年 9 月 18 日  星期三   晴天

The true happiness of life 分類: 未分類

Once, we first Clarion cry, the parents bring infinite joy; once, the first step we take, flowered parents happy face; once Property investment portal, first we parents, rippling sweet heart......

As we grow in the process, we are filled with blessings and look forward to their loved ones; on the road of life, we are carrying too much trust and responsibility.

We be light of heart from care childhood, reading books and playing is the topic of our life; when we study hard, get good grades is our goal; the youth we growing youth, passion, we keep on carving towards their ideal lace and embroidery...

Through the youth, we withstood the storms of life, are bathed in sunshine, we gain a lot, we also lost a lot, but we still persist, we never give up the pursuit of a beautiful dream, the pursuit of a happy life!

Youth is drifting further and further away, middle-aged quietly approaching, we waved goodbye to yesterday's cool, we feel the life true history. Those years through life, after those things the world, people in middle age, we look back on the life road, wind and rain, and intersection of all.

The youth to stand, stand not to. These years, we are busy with romantic themes, pleased to see the smiling general confidante; people addicted to high official positions and riches, Jingjing in career ambition. Thirty years of reform and situation, more than ten years life Bolang, although we have regrets relentless wind and rain urges a person old, but the experienced personnel vicissitudes, today we that a mature and stable MPLS VPN service, that a wise and calm, is most proud of!

2013 年 9 月 3 日  星期二   晴天

Here’s where you’re most likely to randomly run into a unico 分類: 未分類

Where’s the best place to start a startup? It’s a perennial and somewhat intractable question entrepreneurs love to ask. And before you get your hopes up, we’ll start by saying there is no one right answer to this question. Like much in the world of startups and venture capital, it depends on a number of factors. But what we can tell is that networks matter Wigs for Cancer Patients Bright Hopes.


Networking through the city


In network theory, there’s a concept called “homophily,” the tendency for similar individuals to connect with one another more frequently than two or more dissimilar individuals. The phrase “birds of a feather flock together” is a common, simple explanation of what the term means. So, if an entrepreneur wants their fledgling startup to join the unicorn club — the small but growing number of private companies that reach a $1 billion private valuation prior to a sale, IPO or untimely demise — or just wants to get on a firm financial footing, where is that most likely to happen?


Here, we’ll provide an answer to that question with a bit of a twist.


Finding the metropolitan regions that give rise to the most startups, where most of the unicorns are located or where most of the companies with, say, $50 million or more in funding are located, is a bit too easy and it doesn’t yield particularly interesting results. (Spoiler alert: the SF Bay Area ranks at the top of the list for all three.)


Rather, we’re going to find the American metropolitan regions with the highest rate of producing unicorns and well-capitalized startups. In other words, we’re going to take the number of unicorns and well-capitalized companies in a given region and divide it by the number of companies founded in the region.


Finding “the best” place to start a startup


We’re basing our analysis on a data set, extracted from Crunchbase, containing nearly 33,500 companies from around the U.S. that were founded in or after 2003, the beginning of the Unicorn Era, according to Aileen Lee’s original definition phone covers.


This data set excludes companies that are said to have raised rounds of financing before their founding dates (an occasional error in the data that introduces more noise). Because the focus of our analysis are more “typical” software-driven product and services companies, the data set also excludes a number of capital-intensive business categories like energy, petrochemical processing and extraction, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other life sciences companies.


We then aggregated the data to find the number of companies founded in each metropolitan region since 2003 which meet our criteria. Of course, there are going to be some companies that have been left out, due to missing data about locations or founding years. But we’re looking at a sufficiently large number of companies to narrow the margin of error caused by those omissions to the point of insignificance .


Finding where the unicorns are


We sourced our unicorn data from the Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard, focusing exclusively on those $1 billion or more companies that are currently operating and privately held and those that have gone public or have been acquired. We counted a total of 144 current and exited unicorns in the U.S., and here are the top five metropolitan regions where they’re located:


SF Bay Area: home to 83 unicorns

New York City: home to 22 unicorns

Los Angeles: home to 8 unicorns

Boston & Chicago (tied): each home to 5 unicorns

Salt Lake City: home to 4 unicorns

No surprises here. However, when you divide the number of unicorns based in each metropolitan region by the number of companies founded in that region since 2003, we’re able to find the regions with the highest prevalence of unicorns in their startup populations.