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Get FIFA 15 Coins Fast,FIFA 15 Guide,FIFA 15 Tips
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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

The Understanding Of Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 Stop talking out of ur ass. The things you just mentioned are being adressed by the devs and they do listen to feedback. Probably the only devs in any game I've played that actually listen.

Whats ROFL is you failling at understanding that this is a BETA test and they have priorities and not everything can be fixed at the same time.
Also, they dont have servers only in US, diff clusters have diff servers and theres one in europe, one in the Albion Online Silver and some other I cant remember? So everybody is in the same boat.
Next time do some research before making urself look like an idiot.
I personally would love a wipe. I feel the value of testing from the start with the new fame system would be really useful to the devs. Right now, they are merely guessing at the speed at which we should be leveling up, without a real round of testing to have data to back it up, we won't know how accurate it will be around launch.
On a personal note, I started late to the beta. I would love to be on the same level as everyone. I'm in a pretty crappy state at the moment being a whole tier behind most players. It makes me not want to keep playing at all. Log on, get killed by some people in better gear, log off. That is my daily routine mostly by buy Albion Online Gold. A wipe would make me happy with the game rather than frustrated. I love the idea of it, but being behind because you started late makes is a lot less enjoyable.e- People are saying "we need to test the end game". Do people really think that more than a handful of players are going to grind out millions and millions of fame? If they want us to test the end game, they would buff the hell out of fame rates so almost everyone would test rather than just a few.

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