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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Albion Online Offering Up Valid Feedback And Suggestions 分類: 未分類

I think much of what you are stating here makes sense, and I think that you're right it involves a level of patience and understanding, offering up valid feedback and suggestions, and not criticizing every detail of the game that they've put countless hours into making.


All of that said however can be overthrown by the fact that 1. the game has been in development already for years and does not reflect as such. 2 If they want to change things fine, but don't market the Albion Online Silver as full loot hardcore pvp and then completely rework it after you've taken my money to support such a platform. Change is good, we as humans do not like change, but often it's for the better. In the case of Albion specifically, change has been marginally at best better, often times taking massive amounts of development time only to be erased and changed to a side-grade or often times worse version than the previous. This is directly associated to scope-creep and too much broadening of the target market they are intending the game to be for. It's just getting worse and not going in a direction that the original founders/supports would like to see it going. I'm sure there are equal if not more people who are happy with a more casual trend going on, but to those that have supported them from infancy, its a slap in the face to see what's happening. If you're just now getting into the scene during CBT you might not realize this, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.


 I think this team knows well that will take time to get things balanced to satisfy both core playerbase while giving casuals and mobile users something that gives them interesting enough gameplay to give it a go, and I already felt way before the announcement that it's going to take way more than march to deliver. Frankly to me this game should still be considered alpha, and feel the meaning of alpha as well. At least they are trying to reassure with words that they are in for the long term, which means polished gameplay and systems, we will see with facts, but it's important to give them time and a chance to create a game that can stay healthy for at least 2 years, it would be already great in current gaming climate considering its niche roots.


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