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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Some Pretty Good Albion Online Ideas 分類: 未分類

 Now with the changes not many people will gather the High tiers. The risk doing it versus time and reward are silly. IMO now that you can get fame for up to T6 on T4 mobs the new thing to make money will be solo'n green t4 dung and buying up all the mats T4-7 mats before they super sky rocket. Since the mobs are stupid easy and will be totally full on gold. It might be harder to do this for the next few day - week. But it usually only takes about 3-5 days before the massive group of people that only play after patches to lose interest and the server population to drop back down to the norm.

Some pretty good ideas there but I highly doubt they would change things like that. Would 4.2 Metal then return only 4.2 Metal. I love it. Great idea if done right. It is better than the system they have now and the one before with too many mats flooding. I like the idea of it being done Cheap Albion Online GoldSomething different should be done. A system that is not based on fame since that is tied into the progression of your gathering grind would be easier to blance. That why you can change one thing without worrying about the other.
No, you misinterpret. A book for T2 would always give cotton, even if you farm exceptional skyflowers. The only difference would be that today you get 10-15 full T2 books from some rare high-tier resources, while after my suggestion you would get "number of resources gathered" rather than "fame value of those resources".

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