Get FIFA 15 Coins Fast,FIFA 15 Guide,FIFA 15 Tips
Get FIFA 15 Coins Fast,FIFA 15 Guide,FIFA 15 Tips
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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Player Housing in Albion Online Buy A Huge Stack Or Albion 分類: 未分類

 I am glad the refining is a pain point for people. If it is enough of a pain then refined resources with be worth more than raw resources. That means I can log in while at work, buy a huge stack or resources, do actual work while I refine them, and sell them at a profit. Exchanging time for money it great, especially when you can do other things in that time. Many of you are talking about alt tabbing and browsing the web or watching a movie or something. That means you are trading leisure time for silver. You could have been playing AO but instead you'll be stuck refining. I, on the other hand, wouldn't be able to play during that time so I lose nothing. The more ways I can make silver while AFKing, the better. It just frees up my actual gaming time for playing the game.

Yea man, everyones freaking about speeding through everything on multiple accounts. Im just gonna chill and enjoy the game and progress. Even if someone does make it to tier 8 in 2 weeks, theyre gonna nicely store it in their bank so they dont lose it. Ive played Albion Online Silver.It would be difficult to multibox without all having premium. Sure you could grind it out but if one has premium, that one will be geared much faster.

City plots is the only thing im worried about if i wanna make a business and im not exactly sure how they work, in the stress test there was a time limit if u buy it if i remember correctly. So when you buy a city plot and build stuff its only for the allocated time? and then someone can buy it over you? Can you rebuy it yourself?
I honestly can't image any single person in this world who would be able to run five characters at once, and multi-tasking faster than seconds to respond and coordinate to run a dungeon; unless they're using bots. For those people who actually uses two or more characters is a waste IMO. I'm sure you can learn everything from the destiny board. For the use of having a crafter in town so that you can hop back and forth every few minutes is fine with me, I would probably do that. Not like they're really having an advantage over minutes of out sourcing you. Multi-tasking over two clients is a bit to handle as well, you'd be losing more track of time and take you twice as much time to concentrate on your goals. As some people have said, if it's bots then, a big fat NO. I don't see the problem in logging to more than one character on your account. If you the person are controlling them both without any bots, or third party program controlling it.

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