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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Player Housing in Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 The Auction House is incredibly convenient. That convenience should carry a steeper price. No one has ever asked me to craft something for them to avoid the AH taxes. You put the craftsmen's name on their wares (something I love) let that lead to players contacting each other.

Alehouse - gain fame by boasting or pay a Bard to do it for you! drink, eat and be merry (gaining buffs that could potentially last for hours).Boardinghouse - Log out of the game at the Boardinghouse, get a bonus once you log back in (based on the time away in Albion Online Power Leveling relation to the tier of the building). Ideal for when you are visiting a different town and far from home.
Right now, our characters do not feel like they "live" in the World. We need more to do than click on resources and farm Silver. We need places to visit other than dungeons and the AH. Give us those places and reward us for going there.There are dozens of reasons why Towns exist. Albion would only need a handful for its towns to feel vibrant and alive.
'Yellow' zone PVP - I am a "carebear" solo player. I do not seek out PVP. I actively avoid it. But, I do spend the majority of time in 'yellow' pvp zones farming silver and gathering. While I love. LOVE <3 !!! the red dot on the mini map system, it bothers me (see #1 Immersion). I would suggest keeping the mechanic of being able to see where people are on the map but limit its use to an off hand item (for example a crystal ball and spyglass) and make those items usable in all zones. The screen is relatively small and if the only notice you get of a hostile enemy is them being on screen, it is already too late. Not good. But, I would remove flagging from the game. 
It puts the aggressive players at too much of a disadvantage. If someone attacks another person, then they should be marked Red (unable to enter safe zones and attackable without the attacker losing the noncombatant buff) for a period of time. That said, I think the buy Albion Online Gold  non-aggressive buff should only apply to the player's Defenses to represent their primary desire to escape harm instead of inflict it.

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