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2013 年 5 月 18 日  星期六   晴天

The egrets from reeds 分類: prada shoes

Searching through the fields, in addition to pale Carrots, dark green vegetables, or is so agreeable, it is rare show for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Plump, well-off compared to the autumn and prada sale slowly line. On the sidewalk, two or three children cheered, naughty Taxue. Foot kick, crunched, stacked full of fresh footprints in the thick snow. North Hope Doosan, the accumulation of that mountain in the center of the Xueye. The level of scattered forest around With low snow line reveals Lichtung quiet beauty. Near side, long Bashi winding southbound. Coast foot water-oat grass or sitting or lying, or dive into the water, the yellow veins clearly visible.

 Wind light sparkling ripple a river. The egrets from reeds kick startled, fluttering wings Aside the arc proud prada bags strong. I tried to to 11 reconnaissance along the bank of the river, the river bend to twist, and disappeared in the open fields depths. After the feast of autumn, cold winter come to the party. Large tracts of paddy fields outside the village, filled with snow bare very thin and desolate. As if overnight, red peppers, purple eggplant, green long beans, resolutely fled the season away.


The north side of the cell 分類: prada bags

That snow must also remember my initial joy, anxiety and distress. The north side of the cell, black and white, the snow against the background of the village quiet. Saw far the Yi Keke elm, fir fall for youth, the thin branches scribbled split the sky. In-depth village, their houses, someone planted lettuce, vegetables, wore a prada bags uk small mushroom-shaped snow flowers, pay to pay crowded Huddled together.

One side of the main road, a few lines of chicken footprints as the road opened up, tilt overlap out very far. If the bypass tree, backed by a tall elm, through the dense branches, looking up at sky lofty promises your breath or Way back like it should be a very poetic.

 Shuffled around daily bicycle ride along the the eight road prada handbags this white world. Surrounded by snow Tin Port road, car to drive in only a handful of pedestrians wrapped clothing Kazakh gas through it. I still remember the 2007 winter entering the town, a thrilling snow greet me, but also blocked the road commuting.


2013 年 5 月 11 日  星期六   晴天

I laughed almost sitting 分類: prada handbags

I was so angry ignore you eventually you slide down the trunk of a handful of fresh Elaeagnus on my hand prada uk sale. In fact, you simply do not dye free of dust, has a warm prada UK Sale shallow laugh a crooked table prada bags uk sale, even if you get prada ukof. Passing the entrance to the village home of a sand jujube, the old trees dry skin a little hump a little bowed, leafy branches covered with green or orange or reddish angustifolia, along the prada handbags sale of sight, swaying against the background of the sunset Shuoshuo. You climb a stride on the trunk, sit tight in the port of bifurcation tree, took off a piece of Elaeagnus on hand prada uk sale rub on into his mouth, said as he ate sweet sweet some people just do not give you call me, I laughed almost sitting on the ground, I do not eat prada UK.


 You keep me under a prada handbags sale tree looking at you, that moment I seem to see you, an original authentic forget Cheng pulls of the flesh and blood for you. I prada bags sale Cheng pulls past should not become your life weight. At this time, you go again, prada bags sale under a tree who put your feet outstretched Then I give you a little charity Do not you hungry ruined.



2013 年 5 月 2 日  星期四   晴天

Messy as dust into mud grind 分類: prada sale

Today by the unspoken rules, relying on the socalled stars are off fame, regardless of future acting how to fly, even if Prada Handbags uk Chinese clothing pulled, I am afraid that the eyes of the audience has always been difficult to see and thought the same right. Tao is not a bucket handout of the GAO, is to insist on abstinence prada uk, Wei Zheng face of the emperor eloquently ills, prada uk insists on being the one responsible for the world, Li Bai bigwigs do not want to bow to the Goddess of paternity is a straightforward to prada handbags sale commander.

In fact, you know, Prada sale is labored, his family wait very thoughtful, so you total allowable nonsense Prada sale in front of you to highlight on Prada sale of inclusiveness and Prada UK. You prada bags uk sale , prada bags uk sale will phase prada UK, more than blood Prada bags uk sale , habits Prada bags uk sale , is the Prada outlet accidental phase Prada UK, accompanied by a lifetime of Prada bags uk sale . Messy as dust into mud grind, which is like the fate of the leaves and blossoms. I am not a woman throwing in the towel, but I believe in prada sale destiny, I believe doom.


This is your habit 分類: prada handbags

Prada outlet prada uk, Prada bags sale will be and you do not speak the prada uk truth, Prada Queen of sale is not at home, but like Giving commands, like to have a man come unto Prada sale command, like a man let prada sale and prada sale quarrel, Prada sale to do a lot of housework at home, but like to direct you to put your dirty socks on the Prada Handbags sale place, where your slippers, your clothes should be changed, did not finish your meal, like a born prada handbags uk  you know, and Prada sale Prada Handbags sale intersection, prada sale , or do not know, you say, the car to reach their destination, you know best Prada sale of weakness.

This is your habit, the habit of many years, depend on each other's habits, accustomed to the habit, it is difficult to change. prada outlet prada uk you will be so unreasonable, you know, so deliberate and Prada sale to say the truth, Prada Bags sale unreasonable, that is Prada outlet Prada UK.