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2015 年 7 月 24 日  星期五   晴天

More boring and frustrating in FIFA 16 分類: FIFA 16

 I randomly started watching videos of it on Youtube and I have a few friends that play Fifa every year and they said I should get it. It was fun at the start until EA started being, well, EA. The longer the game goes on, the more boring and frustrating it gets. Both gameplay and post release "support" from EA. They release a patch that sucks all the fun out and breaks everything and then releases another patch to ruin something else. 

This game is unrecognisable to the one I bought. The market is absolutely RIP in pieces and it's such a bitch to advance in the game, it's a chore, not a fun experience. My friends had told me that EA were the worst company and I always said "Not as bad as Activision. Have you played COD?!"
Now I realise how wrong I was. Activision release awful games, that's it. EA release awful games and then spend the whole year, fucking you in the ass and laughing at you.
I have other games. I'm not a HUGE football fan, I can survive without playing football games. I don't like football enough to think that putting up with the straight up abuse that EA give you isn't worth it, just to play a football game. I'm happy with Forza, GTA, Assassins Creed. The games are good and the developers aren't Apple 2.0. Fifa 16 will sell a lot of copies but if they treat that game and their customers the way they have done, it's RIP Fifa.
Excited to see how price bands work out in a market from day 1. Hyper inflation at the beginning of price bands still has everything messed up but as much as I hated turning my 3-4 million Fifa 16 coins into 1.5M at best after those bands destroyed my player values... I'm glad they didn't announce it before because it happened to everyone and prices really are pretty good now. The only players that are truly out of hand price wise to me are the big time ST's.
Right now i plan not to get it, but i am sure i will end up buying it eventually, sigh. I have basically stopped enjoying the online play this year, its just gotten too intense for me, and i don't like the latest patch at all. Since i don't play online much anymore, and EA are unlikely to improve the offline modes, there is a very good chance i will pass this year.
I made the switch to PES at the end of last year and am really happy with the gameplay at the moment. I miss the licenses and so but I got used to it. So I'll most likely get PES again this year BUT....if Fifa reviews and demo are promising then I might give it a chance, too. This year it could be really interesting.
FIFA 15 was the first and last FIFA game that I bought. The online Divisions were extreme fun (and frustration) but I think it's not worth shelling out €45-50 per year.
Now if owners of the previous title had a discount for the next one, I would consider it.

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