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2015 年 7 月 29 日  星期三   晴天

Stop the coin glitch in FIFA 16 愉快 分類: FIFA 16

 Why has nothing been done to stop the coin glitch?

How would you? I don't know the specifics or how these glitchers operate, but even with Fifa 16 coins ps3, could they not just (a) continually play to that limit and/or (b) create more and more accounts?
Nothing being done in this particular area would be a concern if they hadn't targeted other areas, I'm sure that this is something that they have looked at but haven't come up with a solution that wouldn't involve the people exploiting to just side step it or take a minor hit.
Why have pack odds or cost not been adjusted based on massive market inflation?
....that is 100% not the way to go. Pack rates only look bad because coin sellers have heavily deflated the value of the coin. They want to eliminate coin sellers, not compensate for them. With price ranges existing at the start of games and having some kind of flexible price band/cap the game would be a lot better.
Actually one of the bigger issues as a result of coin sellers is that there are very few players that naturally sit in the mid price range, which means that packs (maybe not on average), but to the individual are a lot worse. It put the top end up at ridiculous amounts, while pushing a lot of players that would shouldn't be discard price down to that area.
This means that even packing players that are actually decent doesn't really matter because they go for almost nothing, when under this kind of system, you have a greater amount of players in the mid price range while also pushing the top end prices down significantly.
Why were options to earn coins through playing actually worsened this season, and also not adjusted to reflect the market?
I can't remember what I was getting in 14, but if you are holding div 3 you are earning about ~1k coins per game (1.1k less~100 for contracts per game). I think that is reasonable, it is coin sellers that devalued these cheap FIFA 16 coins so much that make this seem like a small amount.
What other measures will be altered to ensure the common player has a chance to actually earn higher players (a stated goal in your recent patch notes).
stopping coin sellers/autobuyers...they didn't close the web app for no reason and they did not throw in the price bands for no reason either
Have EA ever considered selling coins directly to the FUT player, rather than just packs?
Why are price bands universal across platforms with different user bases and much different prices?
I have no idea why they did this. I would have thought that they would generate some kind of formula or something. Might have something to do with there being ~13k cards, but I mean given that the vast majority of players (~95%) are <5K, they could have just sorted those guys out very easily and then individually dealt with the remaining players for each console.
Why are packs odds seemingly worse this year
They are the same, just doesn't seem like it (a) to some individual and (b) more players have less value because of coin selling. If a million people flipped a coin 10 times, we actually expect about 2000 people to get x10 heads or x10 tails, which is pretty crazy, but it is also expected.
Why isn't there more (anonymous) community outreach from EA employees for such a popular online mode?
Because the majority of the playerbase are immature idiots that have no idea of what is actually going on or what they really want. At the moment, anything EA does is criticized and the circle jerking just gets worse. If I was EA, I would make very little effort to have an open communication with such a horrible fan base. Even in DotA, nobody actually knows who the guy is that has been developing (in terms of balance updates) the game, and he has been there for a while. There has never really been any two way communication, he will read the forums (like EA), but its the same thing.
EA does actually put out some things asking what people want in their games (for FIFA 15); you would be shocked if you actually read that. Everyone likes to mock EA when they do demos and present the new game, but it actually met almost perfectly with those pages asking what people wanted. A lot of people talked a lot more about stadiums and the atmosphere rather than gameplay or anything even FUT related. One of the issues that people in groups or places like this can develop is that even though they represent a very tiny portion of the player base or population, they conform to each others ideas and start to believe that they represent the entire player base.
What is the end game for FIFA 15? Please tell us more about upcoming changes because currently, the market has been destroyed by these price bands, as many players have disappeared from the market and many legit players have lost millions.
The market hasn't been destroyed, far from it. You can keep trying to be as dramatic as you want, its actually quite amusing reading some of the posts. Reminded me of a guy at my work place who called someone else a kid for talking while we were playing cards..its like really dude?
Most players have been devalued by a similar amount, and people will soon realise that while they have lost coins, their coins have more value. If the drops were uniform, and everyone lose ~20% for example, then nobody lost anything because each coin had more value. I don't really feel sorry for someone that got hard done by because of the few odd players that got gimped with price bands, because those are the kind of players that still have the funds to build ridiculous squads. There was a guy on here a day or two ago complaining about roberto carlos, while having several other legends in the background and other extremely valuable players. Yeah poor guy.
I mean its far from perfect, but there is no need to be overly dramatic, and hopefully this means that prices are a lot better come FUT 16.

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