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2014 年 1 月 3 日  星期五   晴天

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 And bred 13s the Oscar for Best Image of God in a motion picture goes to

A long time ago, in a desert far, far away, Moses scaled a mountain called Sinai in order to bring God's law to God's people. God's message included proscriptions about not making or worshiping images of anything on heaven, earth, or sea. This had to do with God's exclusive ability to create life, but also with a particular "image of God" understood to be solely invested in the form of humans (see ). Coincidentally, Moses' brother Aaron was in the valley below forging a golden calf for the people to worship.

What then should we make of the golden statuette called "Oscar"? An icon for the Academy Awards, the trophy is an image of a human body presented to the best filmmakers representing human life through cinema. Those aren't the award's requirements, but that's the way it is: A golden image, given to image makers. Humans are "God's Oscars," we might say. We are deep into theological territory here.

The films of 2009 explored the image of the human, and thus the image of God, in an unprecedented way. Lewis, humans have long asked: Are we alone? Are there humans, goddesses, or some other unknown creatures on other planets?

James Cameron's big budgeted Avatar mixes genetic manipulation and an interstellar journey to ponder whether humans can become aliens. Reactions have ranged from outrage at the film's "pantheism," to criticizing the great white savior that emerges in the narrative. Not to disregard those interests, the film also portrays a bio technology that transcends physical disability, allowing the lame to walk, and pondering: Can a human soul step into another life form? Is the soul found in DNA?

In contrast, Neill Blomkamp's District 9 displays neither gods nor particularly attractive mortal beings who come down to earth. (Would you rather be a "Na'vi" or a "Prawn"?) In a post apartheid allegory, the alien invader genre ( la Independence Day, War of the Worlds) is rearranged in District 9 to show human alien interconnections. The segue between life forms makes this an interesting story. As with Avatar, Homo sapiens is transformed into another species via DNA manipulation, and in so doing saves not just humanity, but other species as well.

While Roland Emmerich and other filmmakers focus on the catastrophic end of the world, as in last year's 2012, something strange always happens: a remnant always remains. From The Matrix to The Terminator, Blade Runner to WALL E, films have long suggested a post apocalyptic future in which humans and robots are engaged in ongoing battle.

One 2009 film that didn't make the Oscar nominations nonetheless does more than others to push the limits of what it is to be human. Shane Acker's 9 asks: What happens after the end of humanity, now that the machines have taken over? In 9, there are no more humans. The species called Homo sapiens may have been a blip on screen of existence, just as the Creator scientist states at the beginning, "Life must go on." This is a rare approach to a film narrative. There is here no Neo, Rick Deckard, or Captain McCrea. Just some robots in funny little puppet suits who might continue life as animated creatures. The premise and promise of the film is that good and evil, and life itself, may go on, but humans will have no part in the battle.

Animals, Action Heroes, and Humans:

We could also question the limits of the human by looking at big feature films released in 2009 like Ponyo and The Princess and the Frog, as they question the difference between humans and other animals. These are natural queries to be sure, as they help us think through our desires in and through this mortal coil. Yet, with ongoing biological studies about the communications, empathy, and tool using skills of other animals, the gap between the human and non human is growing ever narrower.

In another direction we can look to our ongoing lust for superheroes, seen most directly in Watchmen, but in a more down to earth way in The Hurt Locker and Inglourious Basterds. Herein, mortal humans carry out more than human activities in order to continue the life of humans. Ordinary humans become heroes, and heroes quickly become superheroes in the quest for transcendence.

Aliens and apocalypses, action heroes and animals, have been subjects of films for decades. Yet, collectively and increasingly, the mass media leaves us wondering about the edges of jordan 13 bred the human. So much attention to the question "What are humans?" might in itself show that we are reaching our ends. Maybe space invaders or global warming, an interspecies or cybernetic hybrid here on earth, will make us other than we presently are.

At the same time, if the major Western monotheistic religious traditions claim that we are made in the "image of God," then theologically one must wonder about the possibly evolving nature of humans, and thus, even, of God's own nature. Does God evolve with us? Can "God's image" include human animal hybrids, cyber people, or even the end of humans as we know them? Does the "end of humans" spell the end of God? A new creation?

S. Brent Plate is visiting associate professor of religious studies at Hamilton College. His column, "Pop eye," appears occasionally in Religion Dispatches. His recent books include "Religion and Film: Cinema and the Re Creation of the World"; "Blasphemy: Art that Offends."

I really hope that the library system Spidermean uses to post his deranged rants from eventually bars him. It might. One suspects his concept of hygiene is as repulsive as his concept of "God."

And he's pretty much hijacked any chance at meaningful discussion of anything having to do with faith, religion or the Divine. Anyone who wants to try has to step around the numerous verbal turds that Spidermean drops every two or three posts. Such a shame. They have no smelling capability and no brain to critique their smell. Yet they are perfectly plesant to smell. The chemical process is not that easy coz if it is, then people could easily make perfumes from soil and water plus the sun. How is it possible that they can be makers of fragrant scents without a highly intelligent being behind it?

Prove me wrong in bred 13s 2013 my assertion that you guys are no match with my analytical thinking skills.

That question is ORIGINAL coming from a true thinking engineer. The science of metamorphosis. It's is an engineering marvel which can't be duplicated by any scientist or engineer even in theoretical methods like computer simulations. How then can butterflies metamorphose without a highly intelligent being behind it?

Prove me wrong in my assertion that you guys are no match with my analytical thinking skills.

That question is ORIGINAL coming from a true thinking engineer. etc. I pharrrt on all this nonsense and the idiotic idea of the invisible man in the sky. But in our culture we pretend that this idiocy is praiseworthy and something to revere, so there was no comment section to today's article that homeschooling books are written by people with a creationist agenda. The WaPo doesn't want to see the religious bred 13s for sale cretins dumped on.

What unbelievable KHRAP religion is, a true product of the self important, inflated ape brain that fancies itself the center of the universe. I am sorry to belong to such a hubristic, self important species. I have just apologized to my cat who manages to conduct his life in a perfectly reasonable manner, unlike the puffed up, swollen headed ape with his god fantasies and nonsense ideas of "eternal life." Such trash.

First, MGM's art director Cedric Gibbons, one of the original Academy members, supervised the design of the award trophy by printing the design on a scroll. In need of a model for his statuette Gibbons was introduced by his then wife Dolores del Ro to Mexican film director Emilio "El Indio" Fernndez. Reluctant at first, Fernndez was finally convinced to pose nude to create what today is known as the "Oscar". Hardly a rational Golden Calf analogy.

Second, why might we say humans are God's Oscars? For what reason other than taking a trip down the road of fantasy.

2014 年 1 月 2 日  星期四   晴天

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 Newborn care immediately after birth

Narrator: In the first hour of life, most healthy babies will be cleaned and examined right at their mother's bedside.

In the hours that follow, many will also visit the hospital nursery for a more detailed health assessment.

The first order of business is keeping your baby warm, since newborns don't have good temperature control. Your baby may be placed under a radiant warmer while being cleaned and dried. She won't get a full bath until her temperature stabilizes.

Your newborn will be rubbed vigorously as she's cleaned, to warm her up and improve blood flow. It's normal for her hands and feet to appear bluish, as her circulation is still maturing.

Your baby is assessed for skin color, muscle tone, activity level, heart and lung function, and reflexes in the very first and fifth minute of life. This is referrred to as an Apgar score. She'll also receive a head to toe exam.

Babies who have poor skin color, trouble breathing, or decreased muscle tone may be given oxygen. Those who need their airway cleared will receive suctioning to remove mucus and blood from their mouth.

Your newborn's umbilical cord, which has been cut, is clamped to prevent bleeding. Though the cord stump looks bred 13s large and odd, don't worry it will dry up and fall off within three weeks.

Your baby may receive a few medications at your bedside: A vitamin K shot for clotting, a hepatitis B vaccine, and an antibiotic ointment for her eyes. Whatever she doesn't get here, she'll get in the nursery.

Her head circumference and body length will be measured, and she'll have her first official weigh in.

Your baby's footprints may be taken, and a nurse will put an ID band on you, your partner, and your child as a safety precaution to avoid jordan 13 bred mix ups like having her returned to the wrong parent in the hospital.

Keep in bred 13s for sale mind, newborn care varies by hospital and not all babies will receive a bedside exam. Also, babies born with serious medical concerns will skip the bedside care and head straight to the nursery or a neonatal intensive care unit.

Once your baby checks out fine, she'll be diapered, swaddled, and placed back in your arms. Before long, you'll be headed home together. Help Center Press Center Contact Us Site Map

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This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.

2013 年 12 月 31 日  星期二   晴天

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 An bred 13s for sale introduction to Ed Hardy bred 13s 2013 Swimwear

Swimsuit begins its history in ancient Greece and Rome. In these ancient civilizations, public bathing was a common and popular tradition, although on the whole men bathed in the nude. During middle ages in Europe, men and women rarely bathed, in fact public bathing was viewed as immoral and unhealthy. In 1800's when public bathing gained importance, women wore dresses and men wore shirts and shorts, ending at the knee and covering the arms. Until 1920s, most swimwear was made of knitted woolen materials. Until the early 1930s, it was still considered tasteless for men to bear their chests. In 1933, convertible style suits became famous style. In 1940s boxer style shorts became the typical swim wear for men. In 1980s Calvin Klein's boxer briefs became famous and then there was no looking back as many new brands entered the market. Today, men's swimsuits come in many varieties. Many men like to show off their bodies, or their other attributes. Men s swimwear must be both functional and stylish and that combination is not always easy to find. Ed Hardy clothing displays the brilliant work of Don Ed Hardy. He is a gifted painter, printmaker and tattoo artist. Ed Hardy offerings include Ed Hardy Swimwear, Ed Hardy shoes and accessories. Ed Hardy swimwear is just 4 years old and was launched by Audigier in 2004. There were many Hollywood stars who wear his swimwear. Some of the famous celebrities include Britney spears, Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton etc. These swimsuits are not cheap. If you want to make a statement on the bred 13s beaches this summer, be prepared to shell out a few hundred rand. He is very famous for his tattoo inspired designs. He has set a jordan 13 bred trend of men's swim wear among the teenagers. Like Ed hardy is know as a famous Tattoo Artist, so is Christian Audigier has a niche for stunning designs of swimwear. Christian Audigier has created some famous brands like Von Dutch, Diesel and his own brand Christian Audigier. Many people believe that both Christian Audigier and Ed hardy are the twin brands that stand out of the crowd for there designs. Christian Audigier tries to make unique swimwear for Men. Both the tattoo artist and Christian Audigier together make eye catching men's swimwear. This Swimwear is named as Ed Hardy Men's swimwear. These are produced in the United States by Los Angles swim Manufacturer Sea and Sun. The specialist of this swimwear is they have bold colors, cool designs and signature logos. These are available in many colors, sizes, patterns and are economically priced. You can avail different styles of swimwear from Ed Hardy brand. Today's swimwear designs are designed to accentuate and show the body. Today's men's swimwear designs include hidden sleeves, straps, rings and other engineering marvels to imply that there is more in the front pouch than what might be. This is one of the fastest growing trends among the men's swimsuit designs. The most famous men's swimsuit is the board shorts. These often contain floral pattern. They are great for a game of beach volleyball, surfing or swimming in the ocean or enjoying a nice lunch at the poolside grill. 

2013 年 12 月 30 日  星期一   晴天

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 Manchester united because successful bred 13s 2013 throw money ferguson useless psychological warfare

Beijing time on October 15, at 19 45 points, the premier league round 8 will have a big match at home to Manchester united, Liverpool midfield. Manchester united won the club last season in the history of the 19 th a league title, beyond the rivals Liverpool, become the English football worthy of the eldest brother. And coach the team jordan 13 bred for as long as 25 years of time coaching ferguson also was considered crucial to the success of Manchester united.

But former Liverpool manager rafa benitez but in the interview, Manchester united said success depended on high investment, "no, I don think that sir alex ferguson is the key to their success, the key is Manchester united is the money. You can think about the transfer of the united history, and they have for Wayne rooney such young players and Rio Ferdinand such defender at 30 million transfer fee."Moncler Outlet

Benitez at Liverpool has six seasons, although he leads a team won the champions league, but in the premier league defeat to Manchester united has been under sir alex ferguson. The 2008 09 season, Liverpool after the second led by Manchester united seven points, but finally united but with four points advantage the title. And the season benitez and sir alex ferguson DuoCi happened between words that sir alex ferguson exchange, the media is to use the psychological tactics outside got rafa benitez.

However, benitez I scoff at such notions, he said he had no influence of speech by sir alex ferguson, "to tell you the truth, I don like the so called psychological warfare, because I only want to concentrate on led his team to play a good game. Sir alex ferguson in the news conference said things, I can assure you that it won give any other a bred 13s for sale boss cause any impact."

Benitez believes the team must depend on the strength and not the success or failure of the mouth effort, "the media always like to talk about what psychological warfare, but team key of success or failure or strengths, if your team bad, even if you said at the press conference is very good, but in the end we will lose the game. Sir alex ferguson have a good team, so what he said was interpreted as a successful psychological tactics."

The style of every fashion week, in addition to basic almost no women clothing weeks so rich brand outside. With milan as an example, the four day cycle, milan is full of various brands of the show or static exhibition held. Moncler Outlet riding bronze statue surrounded the big square, giant electronic screens, up changing shows video deduce the real man overpass. It with dark blue sky to as bottom, the gothic church steeples for line, coarse particle of male mold faces four Moncler Jackets Sale flying pigeon, twice in a year of picture have had sex in the land.

More from the bishop Jackets Online square this center radiation extend a series of main road, each brand is hidden in the way of assessing the ancient, and are no fixed base camp. Fashion editor of another fun is looking for the meeting,Moncler Outlet shuttle during the first fashion week experience, all kinds of surprise or unexpected occurred in court. The meeting between the bus is actually some, but stay time is very short, most wearing high heels all the editors of disdain to go after the bus, so as not to affect the modelling, because for them, fashion week is also in the rare display their grade platform.

"To see the show and is not a simple thing to do." SuzyMenkes said, the most bred 13s famous international fashion editor in also almost is looking at Moncler Jackets Sale, while doing notes. Jackets Online experience deep, he needed a release every end find brand the most representative of design, not easily.

2013 年 12 月 28 日  星期六   晴天

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 Looking forward to 2009

It will be a watershed year, ushering a new world economic order with the disorder most likely coming first. I just don't have the foggiest idea what this new order will look like.

It will be a time when we will all have to change our tune and have to think out of the box. I for one will worry more about growth in the advanced countries than in the developing world, will be warning against the dangers of protectionism, will be singing the praises of the IMF (if its recent actions and pronouncements are a guide), and will fret about too much state intervention. Changing times require changing lines. policy response be "bold" enough? Barack Obama has promised that it will be, echoing at least part of FDR's famous call for "bold, persistent experimentation" at the height of the Great Depression in 1932. In particular, he will need to go beyond Keynesian policies of fiscal stimulus to heal the deep wounds to economic confidence that lie at the root of the present crisis. So far, confidence building measures have been limited to financial markets, but the needs of Main Street are no less important. Workers who worry about being laid off are unlikely to go on a spending spree regardless of how much money fiscal stimulus puts in their pockets. Just as banks are hoarding cash, households will try to preserve wealth by increasing their saving. To counter this, incentives targeted directly at preserving employment will have to be part of the solution. Will Europe get its act together? This could have been Europe's moment. and left American policy focused on its domestic troubles, opening up room for global leadership by others. Instead, the crisis has demonstrated the deep divisions within Europe on everything from financial regulation to the requisite policy response. Germany has dragged its feet on fiscal stimulus, stymieing what should have been the second leg of a globally coordinated fiscal action plan. Alas, the best that can be hoped at this stage is that Europe will not undermine the global fiscal stimulus which even the International Monetary Fund the guardian of fiscal orthodoxy regards as absolutely essential. Experts on China differ in their estimate of the rate of economic growth the country needs to create employment for the millions that flock into its urban areas every year. But it is virtually certain that China will fall short of this threshold in 2009. The question is whether policy actions to date will do enough to stem a socially and politically dangerous slowdown in the economy. Whichever way the Chinese leadership responds, future generations may remember 2009 less for its global economic and financial crisis than for the momentous transformation it will have caused in China. Will there be enough global economic cooperation? When domestic needs become paramount, global economic cooperation suffers. But the costs of protectionism in trade and finance are especially large at moments like these. So far the International Monetary Fund has reacted with new found vigor, establishing a much needed short term lending facility and warning against too little fiscal stimulus. The World Trade Organization, meanwhile, has wasted valuable time on the irrelevant Doha round. It should have focused its efforts on monitoring and implementing the commitment made by the Group of 20 countries not to raise trade barriers. Did I say happy new year?

The IMF paper this week encouraged a coordinated global approach to fiscal stimulus exactly what Keynes would have wanted With that, and international commitment to policies of high employment, he would have wanted a free/open trading system what he lauded as "the wisdom of Adam Smith". (See Markwell, "Keynes and International Relations").

US leadership in international economic cooperation including an Obama Administration commitment against protectionism will be absolutely vital, for the US economy and for the world economy on which sustained US recovery depends.

This tract makes a critical analysis of credit based, free market economy, Capitalism, and proves that its dysfunctions are the taxi 12s 2013 result of the existence of credit.

It shows that income / wealth disparity, cause and consequence of credit and of the level of long term interest rates, is the first order hidden variable, possibly the only one, of economic development.

It solves most of the puzzles of macro economy: among which Business Cycles, Stagflation, Greenspan Conundrum, Deflation and Keynes Liquidity Trap.

It shows that no fiscal or monetary policy, including the barbaric quantitative easing will get us out of depression.

It shows that Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx and Alan Greenspan don contradict each other but that they each bring a meaningful contribution to a same framework for understanding macro economy.

It proposes jordan 12 taxi a credit free, free market economy as a solution that would correct all of those dysfunctions.

In This Age of Turbulence People Want an Exit Strategy out of Credit, an Adventure in a New World Economic Order.

The same oligarchic dynasties, who worked feverishly to replace monarchies in earlier centuries, are being hoarded by a new wave of anarchists I don know what to call them, other than anarchists (for lack of a better term) who are hating, with an extreme passion, the social caste system in Europe.

This is not just new immigrants, but older and pervaseively lower class families, who have just not been benefitting the way they should in their country.

What happening in Greece should be a fore warning to countries like France, the UK, in particular, and, the rest of Europe.

Belgium, has mis read the growing under tide of the national political scene, which has been connected through communication and shared experiences, on what to expect from a country and leadership.

While Leterme was shaken, stirred and then defenestrated, due to his poor response to the growing economic crisis, one can only imagine what other political pressure he faced to do, or, not do things this was not the first time he decided to ask to be relieved of his duties.

The new Belgium PM, Rompuy, seems to be from the old European established guard.

I see major trouble ahead for Belgium which will be a contrasting event, compared to the tensions we see displayed in Greece, brought on by the catalyst of that fatal shooting.

Belgium will have a similar event, overplayed. And, then, analysts will be asking; "what in the world happened in Belgium!?!?!"

The world is changing and the old guard, is either pretending the change agents do not exist or are simply trying their hardest to remain relevant.

As for global business, 2009 will be a wasted year, unless, they can cut a Doha deal which, is, by all intents and purposes, a dead deal if we are seeing so much subsidies and protection, through the back door, by the way of economic stimulus packages!

A horrible feeling 2009, can be avoided, however. But, folks who have control now, have to let go and let God deal with it old Europe, Bushites, neo con progressive and the rest of the developing world; Just let go and let God deal with it!!

Really, there is nothing this old guard can do about it.

Work with everyone, or simply become irrelevant!

I not as worried about protectionism as Dani. I not fretting over protectionism against China. I would welcome it. And I not as worried as Dani about our politicians responding to voters taxi 12s complaints over leakage in our fiscal stimulus package. Our politicians have done a stellar job of doing nothing about trade deficits for a very long time. Why would they suddenly leap into action against fiscal leakage. They will do nothing and hope voters won catch on. You can be sure that 90% of the media will stay away from the problem 90% of the time. All here that think the Obama administration will give leakage priority raise your hands.

"It is pretty easy to increase the multiplier; just raise import tariffs by enough so that the marginal propensity to import out of income is reduced substantially (to zero if you want the multiplier to go all the way to 2.8). will have to confront this dilemma sooner or later. In an environment where the dollar has already appreciated against the Euro and even more significantly against emerging market currencies, fiscal stimulus here will produce an even larger current account deficit. If American consumers decide to spend 40 cents of a dollar of additional income on cheap imports from China and other foreign countries, the multiplier will be a mere 1.3. How long will it take before politicians of all stripes cry foul over the leakage through the trade account and the "gift to foreigners" that this represents? And they will have Keynesian logic on their side." Dani Rodrik

"future generations may remember 2009 less for its global economic and financial crisis than for the taxi 12s for sale momentous transformation it will have caused in China."