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2013 年 12 月 21 日  星期六   晴天

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 Exploring Happiness

Lets first investigate the word 'happiness' that we all seek. Any action or thought by family, or friends to spread good, being positive, and enhance the wellness or happiness levels of people. Similarly, actions like kindness, sharing news responsibly, promoting harmonious relationships and survival, are 'happy attitudes promoting actions' which promote a better sense of wellbeing and happiness in man.

This page also identifies some obstacles to happiness and later suggest tips, ideas, and ways to increase our happiness levels.

The small boy in the photo above seems to have one. A Free mind is when we have nothing against anyone. We also accept everything people and happenings around us.

Trying to be simple in what we do, expect, act, etc. Lets cut complications wherever possible. Simplicity is an expression of clarity, mastery and love. When we love others we feel actually great, don't we. Simplicity helps others understand us better and hence they know that we love them and that's happiness.

Give the benefit of doubt. Actually people don't wantedly mean harm. They do so because of unfortunate circumstances. We need to understand the root cause of their malignant Gamma Blue 11s thoughts and deeds and this leads to our happiness too. Thinking positive about our friends, family, and the whole of mankind irrespective of caste, creed, race, and culture is an advantageous stand we take. This stand helps us stay positive and thats of curative value for those errand thoughts, which subsequently gets us happiness.

The Body needs care and concern. It needs good food and drink, to jordan 11 Gamma Blue keep itself trim and ready for any unforeseen calamity or situation. Medications need to cure and not just palliate. Happiness through Good Health is a planned outcome. Therefore give yourself time. Quick heal drugs, medical systems and interventions will not help. DO anything which will help our body to cure itself. Obviously you must ensure that you DO NO HARM to yourself.

Say the GOOD Words to people when they are alive.

We often feel bad to just take a wreath when someone has died. We may have the guilt of not saying a good word to them when they were alive.

You must explain your guilt sometime, at least to yourself someday. Start rectifying the guilt. Start today. Guilt Kills and is dangerous. The Catholics have a way out, when they confess their sins to the holy fathers, so that their mistakes and sins are absolved for ever. The guiltless life is heavenly. Build up a support system. Find out someone you can trust and open out your heart fast. Of course, if this is not possible there are other ways to solve the problem but this is the best way to start according to me.

Share what you really love. Possession gets you more headaches. Sharing goodies normally gets reciprocations. happy people share with less or no expectations.

Develop New Hobbies Be a generalist!

This tribe is reducing unfortunately today. However, there are ample opportunities to keep yourself occupied very fruitfully. The mind becomes quite occupied and it does not idle itself in activities like gossip, comparing and contrasting with others etc. Materialistic mind sets are the roots to unhappiness. Material accomplishments should be optimised. Sharing will help others be happy. Frustrations are major blocks to our mind, emotions and body which will ultimately kill us faster.

The quest of modern life is to live a longer life. We might as well as make it worth living, right? So lets accept what we have and experience around us, and play proactive roles to influence people, and systems, to enable our world to be a little more worth living.

Expecting quick returns is always artificial and as it rarely happens jordan 11 Gamma Blue for sale we feel frustrated. We need to use our education, expertise and experience to handle life as it comes.

When proactive roles do not give results, wait and watch. Pray if necessary. It works!

If you like this lens rank it '4' jordan 11 Gamma Blue 2013 or '5' above.

Homeopathy is all Gamma Blue 11s 2013 about a man made medical system which heals the emotional, mental and physical disabilities. The avogrado's theorem may be against it but i know that therapeutic evidence of its efficacy exists.

Here's a lovely practical link to help you remove this EVIL for the MIND, through herbs like Bergamot, Sage, Sandalwood etc. Gamma Blue 11s for sale It's in the form of a plant called Aconitum Napellus, used in the homeopathic form. Just ask for a phail or a dram of Acon Nap 30 in the local homeo store. It can be used by you 4 pills at a time every 10 mins. It will relieve fear in a few minutes.

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