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2015 年 5 月 7 日  星期四   晴天

Challenge of black dot curtains 愉快 分類: 未分類

Modern curtain has more and more styles, and each style curtains has its own unique . Monochrome only is too simple and dull. So color matching is very important. For example, black is too dignified, too serious, silver is aging. Combine these two colors, there will be unexpected results. Silver-gray is as background, with black dots as a curtain, it will show a bold head out from the bones of elegance. Silver with a black dot curtains ( sedate among elegant atmosphere.

1, a combination of red and black

Red and black dots are the most beautiful fashion matching, used in the living room is the most simple colors. Red and black to match, in fact, highlights is not red or black, it will be issued in the form of black dots, then the most modern feeling will presented. Two biggest contrasting colors hit together to form the perfect pattern to decorate with black dots, after all, is a mix of bold and enthusiastic. The black and red as the curtains in the bedroom, to help sleep, is good for the body's health.


2, White

Golden color is one kind of magnificent, has a kind of solemn, sacred feeling. With somewhat a sense of fear in the living room, if it is coupled with a black dot pattern in gold on the basis of suddenly feeling joined the lively and alternative. If your room is large, you can spend such a bold gold and black dot curtains, it is a challenge and on the senses. In ordinary life, in order to add some bold challenge to yourself.
One designer said: Earth is one million dots in a dot. The black heavy, oppressive attitude evolved into dot reproduction is added to the atmosphere, breath of life. Black dots is such a breath of curtains.

black dot curtains

2015 年 5 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Advantages of Shower Curtains in Our Daily Life 分類: 未分類

Bathroom improvement is very important in the whole house improvement.No matter the water avoided problem, appreciate usage of bathroom is very important.Most bathrooms are small and have not enough space to perform a most effective achievement. Therefor, all families are need to consider the improvement problem, especially the bath room.Do not install glass partition in a small bathroom but instead of a shower curtain with which can save more space and make bathroom look more beautiful.