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2015 年 1 月 5 日  星期一   晴天

Youth is gone, still in time 分類: 未分類

Time flies, Riyuerusuo. This is often used when a child's writing, then that can be used on these words, today's words, it is the high level of atmospheric ah. However, with time the wheels stop before the trip, getting to feel that the words of deep meaning, she is not just used to describe the time flies, culturelle it is used to record your life course inscription. Today I passed twenties years, looking back to see their youth, is so happy, so relaxed, no trace of sadness, unlike now have for their future life, work and family while trying to earn a day, perhaps only own one taste can appreciate. Although youth is gone, but still in time.

Each period of years, or wandering stagnant or dependent and accompanied by the line, also, or courage. During this journey, perhaps you already bearish thorny flowers lined the way and calm. However, once accompany people can still remember the warm hands, and thick arms, body temperature had passed over, it is the memory of the softest place. Time never grow old, culturelle and our youth, eventually at a certain time of nodes to give up gesture ends.
Youth in those memories, such as random pebbles scattered in little time on the road, even the dust all over the floor, also when you walk, dance together, this time in the light against the background, romantic look down and is no longer what it messy. Perhaps only after precipitation of time, those who make a small gravel chest pain, will eventually, into one and one beautiful flowers, embellishment of your life time, the achievements of their uniqueness. Today youth is past, that memory has been wiped gradually pale, electrical desk into a long time, when you recall, although no longer clear, but still beautiful.
Gradually, the time from our fingers like water slides, slowly diffuse through our body, Jin Zhao years of ups and downs salty, under catalysis of time, and prepare to only part of your wine, way to make life rise and fall Honor. Eventually, we learned word of the Buddha: The color does not vary empty, empty is not color, sex is zero, Kongjishise truth. That life is so simple.

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