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2015 年 3 月 25 日  星期三   晴天

Boldness and courage is a kind of wisdom 分類: 未分類

Some people, something, always careful, cautious everywhere, even more than a little careful, cautious rich feeling, like in the "snake bite is a day, once bitten, twice shy" state. 

Encounter things, or to do things, HKUE ENG think about the ins and outs of things to analyse the results of the pros and cons, for their own heart more, more, is should, is understandable. However, if the careful, cautious and hesitate, cleaves the drive and courage to put it aside, it is does not help matters resolved or can be to miss the boat. 
A lot of chances in life, is by the drive and courage to seize more, a lot of business is more on the achievements of boldness and courage. Life is not the same thing repeat culturelle, all things are no ready reference and answers, only in the work to realize way of doing things. You don't personally into the mountains, where you can know deep valleys and steep hills mountain road disaster; You don't personally wading across the river, and it will know that the depth of the river. Say so, do anything only among to close to, can see on a sinister, can take out the safety of evil plan, grasp the direction of development. 
Wherefore they called "punches have means to resist", as long as dare to face, everything is not great. For things in life, many mysteries, not be careful of the ropes in advance, but in the process of doing things get broken fan. Many examples can be proved that no matter what, as long as able to insist to be done is not afraid of difficulty, culturelle is sure to get the best results. 
Knowing that is a trap, you have to jump down go to, that call stupid; To do things, there is no boldness and courage, also called stupid, from a certain perspective, more stupid than jump traps. Because, to jump trap has to be to have energy and courage, and even jumped into the trap, also not is a dead end. If doing things, even the drive and courage to all have no, dream beauty pro hard sell it doesn't even have dead. Boldness and courage is a kind of wisdom, because only the drive and courage to produce wisdom. 

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