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2016 年 1 月 13 日  星期三   晴天

What is moving service hong kong advertising? 分類: 未分類

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Advertising is a form of communication, Selling goods or servicesthe purpose is to convince potential customers to choose your product or service in a competitor

Successful advertising including make your product or the public is most likely to buy their positive that some well-known services.

It should be, so that your business name and benefits of your product or service in the minds of consumers supremacy planned and consistent activities.

Why advertise?

The purpose of advertising is to increase sales, thus increasing your profits. The purpose of advertising is:
Let your business and product names are familiar public
Feel good, and establish a good image
Educate and inform the public
Provide specific product or service
To attract customers, to learn more about your product or service

Ad rules

There are four rules when planning any campaign to be considered - that is: Are you ready and before any form of advertising ratesDeveloping promotional strategies.

The purpose - what is the main purpose of advertising? It is to provide information, sales, production lists or improve the company's image?

Target - Who is the target? People from the industry, you want to achieve a response? For example, male, female, adult, youth, children, mother, father and so on.

Media - aims and objectives to consider the bearing, in which the media available to you is the most appropriate - ie: TV, radio, press or the Internet?

Competitors - What are your competitors doing? Which media outlets they use? They are successful? You can improve their practices, and beat them in the competition?

Develop effective advertising

Good advertising is generally marketing strategy caused by the following four reactions:

Note - it catches the eye or ear disorder in a prominent advertisement competition.

Interest - this interest and mail delivery or provide adequate impact.

Desire - it creates a desire to have more information or desire.

Action - it stimulated, leading performance advertising original target behavior - ie: it will prompt potential customers to purchase or use your product or service.

Make sure your advertising is legitimate

Trade Practices Act (Cth) 1974, Article 52 prohibits misleading and deceptive conduct.

We must consider advertising as a whole ordinary meaning, the words used. You must determine who the person against whom the ad is likely to be misled or deceived content.

You can use humor, cartoons and slogans to make your ad stand out, but certainly, they are not likely to mislead or deceive your audience.Marketing strategy and marketing objectives The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission case (ACCC) provide briefing is available from the local office of ACCC advertising guidelines

Commonly used media

There are many media options open to advertisers. You use will depend on who you want to access, say what you want Which media, and your budget. Typically, the media (media mix) combination can be used to good effect. Remember to keep your brand and message consistency across all media. This includes the use of colors, logos, design elements and fonts.

• stationery

Stationery including letterheads, envelopes and business cards,SWOT analysis is the means by your corporate image or "name logo" expected. Good quality stationery, with care and attention, and with a high level of speech used, is showing an everyday means of your corporate image.

• Window display or front office

Your business or store is one of the external manifestations establish your corporate identity main ways. An attractive, maintain a good appearance and a clear, bold signs written an important beginning. Windows should be bright and beautiful, carefully clean, nighttime lighting. The display should neatly arranged, the purpose is to highlight an attractive corporate image, and provides a reason to buy your product or service. First, it should be interesting to have sufficient impact note.

• Press Advertising
This is a common form of general advertising, including advertising in all the newsdiver such as newspapers, magazines and journals. Press advertising is suitable for image building, information dissemination and sales activities. This is also a very affordable small business choice.

• radio
Radio is due to its ability to reach specific target groups considered by many the ideal medium for advertisers, such as teenagers, racing followers or grocery store buyers. Radio advertising coverage point ad (usually 15 or 30 seconds), promotional discussed or intercom / DJ's. Most stations offer packages, including the production and promotion through its website radio activity.
• TV
Television is a powerful advertising medium, because it creates through advertising and procurement enough air time cost impact of sight, sound and action has generated, so that the movement often work to prohibit small businesses.

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