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empty new home
Life has been the fall in those years.
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暱稱: empty new home
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2013 年 9 月 18 日  星期三   晴天
The autumn night chapter

The autumn night, quiet, rain fell on the ground, the beautiful melody and out, a group of intermittent rain...... The rain knocked on the window, the light was reflected in the purple curtains, at this moment I most like, under the lights, some people, some things, some emotion, text into melancholy and lingering. The autumn night, thinking of precipitation, time deduction. A Qiu Xu collection in letters, articles in a jar of years of mannan, surplus in gentle, a back to a state of mind. In the time of reflection, the true feelings of their own, let the years an autumn and autumn rain, knocking on the window with a different point of view, using different ways of thinking, different feeling to appreciate, observation, taste, the scenery will be in the......

Autumn night in reading "Moonlight", let me know, only the most familiar place, only the most familiar landscape, also will find the most unknown scenery.

The autumn night in the rain the leaning against the railing, comfortable and romantic. The raindrops fall into flowers scattered on the ground, spread from the picture, with the strains of old trees cool center of the leaves, a feel fresh!

Free me, like walking in the rain, rain, rain, fine soft and cool. On the hair, a string of small water droplets falling, there is fog drops the eyebrows...... He was drenched also don't want to hold up an umbrella, let yourself feel in the autumn intoxicated. Street pedestrians hurried footsteps, hand hold the colorful umbrella, the rain beating on the umbrella and rain along the edge of the umbrella drop. The joy of spilled on the ground, open the fine rain of countless flowers. Rain along the road running, singing all the way. When I pass by a leafy tree, a gust of wind blowing, leaves on the water droplets, they all fall down, wet my face. Don't think of childhood school, when it rains, bare feet treading water, rain splashed trouser legs, always wet, chased the rainwater flows into streams, naughty by foot out flowing water, water from the feet around, continue to flow forward. I also non-stop chasing, play ran......

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