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I have attended some meeting before.The longest is about a team report and the shortest is about shopping inventory.Theaim of the meeting is to have a common idea with each other .then I agree that regular meetings for communication with the folloeing reasons
First,regular meeting or dcussion may waste time or money for some people.It may take a lone period of the meeting place.such as the us to hong kong ,It may spend a lot on the tickts fee .If may waste time when some people in the meeting are not concerned about the topic and it will waste time as may not be a good way for communication.

Second,irect contacts may deter communications There are some topic which may difficult for people to discuss during to meeting or discussions.such as personal information.It is better for us to use other way to communcation with other such as individual contact what's app

Next,regular meeting make people irritancy easily because meeting or discussions are too inflexible.Ifthe regular meeting are long and the topic are boring,people may find it difficult to concentrate.Not only topics cannot keep going but also pople hope immediately leave.
In conclusion , I have a feeling that is not interesting to use regular meetings or discussions for us improve the relationship in a group .by the way,I would suggest eating out whit my friends in order to build up our friendships .Also ,we may have a short break with snacks during a lone meeting.

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