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2013 年 9 月 13 日  星期五   晴天

As boundless as the sea and sky 分類: 未分類

I think in this society,: to others out of the way, that is to say to their own way, and we would be less bickering and care about, why, because they would upset the good journey, generous concessions will have unexpected harvest, others I think this sentence you will not understand it, sometimes, compromise attitude, not only, people with convenient, also will bring you convenience, besides, Set up Business in Hong Kong give others, but also for their own future leave a convenient basis. Take a step as boundless as the sea and sky

Everyone has his own personality, but it is also because of the different personality, let others have different views. As selfish, stingy, overbearing, arrogant, the unreasonable man was the only someone behind him. And those kind, helpful, big belly, courtesy of the people will get everyone's praise. I have encountered such a thing, will fully reflect the modern society is the lack of "comity" character.

One day I was waiting at the bus station, hong kong company register very not easy to wait until the, then tucked up. "Laugh --" the door closed, the person on the car you hold me squeeze, as if even the ants are not a place to live in. The whole carriage like a steamer, boring people sweat. All of a sudden, the bus a nasty brake, I a reel, nearly fell. Looked out of the window, turned out to be a traffic jam. Some of the passengers because of cannot bear the crowded stuffy, was asked to get off, helpless under, the driver opened the door, some people have got out of the car, at this time, a young man in a threatening manner with the conductor to quarrel, "the station didn't arrive, you what person!" "We also have no way! The passengers were anxious to get off, panic we will open the door!" "You know, I just tried and your car rear end collision!" Two people arguing, who also refused to let a driver who, not to smoke. The passengers have began to complain, finally, the boy sees everyone impatient, he had to swallow insult and humiliation silently alone, muttered back to the car.

Step back and think, can make you stand HISTEP, see far; step back and think, can make you more aware of their own; one step back to back, can make you have lost confidence; step back and think, can make you lose a lot of unnecessary troubles; step back and think, how to register a business can make you overcome difficulties one after another, time and again to succeed. Take a step as boundless as the sea and sky, if you meet the unsatisfactory thing, if you suffer from to laugh at others, you may wish to step back and think about it, it can let you have a good mood every day.

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