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2014 年 8 月 1 日  星期五   晴天

Floating, Jingyue evening years 分類: life

The wind of the cicada, the rain is boiling summer, convey what information? The distance that a row of shaking of the poplar, the glowing sky, nu skin hk want to express what? The weeping willow silk face, brushed my face slightly itchy, to her what kind of feeling? Figure out what kind of story? The dates on the calendar in my mind -- memory red pen ring drawing No. 29, white thoughts, black footprints, step by step, with time ticking, in the night July 7th heaven.

Jingyue Xi, who, in the jade like stone under the lamp light, looked at herself in the mirror, not by her mouth a smile. Careful, wear clothes, finery dress, hand gently stroked, shoulder and a small white dust, journeying by smoothing the folding! And who, armed with wooden carving comb, comb the hair must clear nuskin hk, smooth over thinking chaos silk, exudes a breath of sunshine, full of the colors of the spirit. The notes floating in the air at night, fireflies Dianran, twinkling eyes, and look at all this.
To the pavilion, lotus floated water breath, Qin through the evening years under the night sky, double heart how much! Loose footsteps, leaves light imprinted on the stone, in the light of yarn July 7th month, such as scroll painting, layout the quiet forest, meaning how much parallelism. No time for, originally under the complex and towel dance, ups and downs, shadow brandish shadow, in the blink of an eye, bit by bit, Cellmax with go away to the moon; when the man's smile Qing Qian, sound of singing, around the head, a circle on the years, double side ear, haven't heard.
Jingyue, shed a drop of tears. Contain one love, to the moon, low recounting long heart.
Sunset years, remember a good beauty. Open the past time to lie quiet, full of affection wrote a long love letter. In this life, one cannot in the sky: die and the child into that; this world,  keep a not abandon Devotion: hold hands with you.
Xi years blowing from the breeze, mildly lingering, on the cheeks, in the ear, slowly breeze, cool sweet scattered places, such as the sweetheart with the middle finger lifted the hair, with the moonlight several world forget beautiful. Light Hui SA, beam of light Ying, Phi in men's shoulders, like a dream with the shadow, mapping the magic of the mood, hazy vision, in a clear dust, exudes the flavor of beauty. The sky on the semicircular July 7th month, what time to pick up a border line, in the two person's finger, pull up their heart? Look up look, think of sound and emotion, the joy on the bridge into the void, eyes, it also really also imaginary beauty love.

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