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2015 年 5 月 13 日  星期三   晴天

Youth is a tear 分類: 未分類

If life is a drama is variant, the youth is a magnificent book, sending out the faint fragrance; Childhood, is the most beautiful chapter in the book. This book as down in the sand in the wind, the dispersed and stacking accumulation and blow, and I like the youth, and sometimes like miss sat upstairs and blue, and sometimes like a butterfly dancing, dancing like a phoenix nine days, if the lotus and pure. 

I like it like a candle, the small core core to keep the flame, thin, warm warm, lit up the heart; Like the colour of it is like the sun, gentle and continuous touched a chord; Prefer it as selfless as great grandfather, abandoned the ego, lit up the others. 
Since the childhood, I was brought up great grandfather. 
Six years ago. I live in hangzhou, a paradise, "said the town; In lower electricity don't know what's going on, at eight o 'clock in the evening, always power on time. At this time, the great grandfather is from home to the highest cabinets pulled out a box of candles, small candles as quietly as wrapped in a red blanket baby lying in the box, quietly fall asleep. Great grandfather with took out a root, burning and jolly. I wore a white nightgown holding the candle stands his bare feet on the ground, you looked at me and smile of tears, said. "This angel how to bare feet!" I smiled, as quiet smile. With tender voice, again and again sing what's your favorite small poplar. Ask you pick me in your arms; "Man to buy it when I grew up eating give great grandfather?" I replied without hesitation: "buy! I bought the best great grandfather the lollipop!" You laugh, like flowers bloom. 
Downstairs friend call me go out to play, are you afraid of my accident, I tied at home with candles. You take out a box of small candles, slowly put on the table a love, I don't understand, ask; "Why the candle into love?" You smiled, kind smile, like a stream, slowly flows through my heart; "Who let you in great grandfather heart!" Oh! The original core candle placed great grandfather is! Pestering my great grandfather, even a moment, he set up again; Love is the love, only more long candles in the middle. I glance back and forth, but still do not understand, great grandfather as if see through my mind, edge drawing; "Great grandfather call neutral, great grandfather's only you in the heart, also only you." Oh! Then it dawned on me, looking at great grandfather that wrinkled face, acidity in the heart, the time the old man, can you slow down? 
On the way to school, I rode my bicycle fly general heading home, all of a sudden, heard the song both familiar and unfamiliar rang out from the small poplar companion I grew up a candle, and that the deepest memory of you. Swing, six years have passed, I have from a dazed girl turned into a big girl. Can you great grandfather? You in heaven? 
The fallen leaves, describes the autumn grandeur; White clouds floating, foil a beautiful blue sky; Head strands of white hair, you tell me the "candle" to her. 
Oh! The candle intentional also farewell banquets, cry until morning. 
Youth is a tear, it is constantly pouncing on, toward the future. Youth pounce on, as if had not over the years, wait for the youth, just know, only into the air, left the 1: ah! Youth! 

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