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2015 年 6 月 5 日  星期五   晴天

Love is not tired 分類: 未分類
As night fell, the day all the more cold, the howl of the north straight drill in clothes, whole body chilly, this day is too busy too tired. Don't know when I first began to some of the pain. 
Interpretation of city bright lamps like the stars flashing light up the sky. 
I like the stars of the street light, it can give a person the light and hope, and make people forget the fear of the dark. Along the broad road, against the bright street, walk quietly to think, that peace and good mood for a long time did not understand. However the mouthwatering quiet large! I can only is the dust. 
Dinner time is up, the street there are a variety of attractive fragrance, daughter's dinner in the daughter's hope, also in a hurry... The pedestrian street in a hurry, every heart filled with desire to go back home, the home, the front is a warm home. 
Several turn into the village, see daughter at a distance, the height disproportionate with her big bag hang on the ass, solitary figure in the orange light is more thin. Daughter as if waiting for me for a long time. Daughter came home from school every day on her classmate's homework, and then wait here I go home together. 
Arrive every day busy and too little time to accompany daughter, give her daughter's love is too little. I was hurt and flow to her daughter, the in the mind is full of guilt. 
Daughter saw me, he waved caper bouncing towards me. I open the door, just like with open arms to meet my daughter - the love of my life. 
Daughter got on the bus, like the morning birds twittering of talking to me at school she had seen and heard, and even then I went into the kitchen busy preparing dinner, she also like a copycat with behind me said a lot of chatter. Speaking of Gao Xingchu still showing very happy. Look today, she had a good time at school. 
Daughter happy I will happy, I am happy with her happy, her smile melted my tired. What she said is more like a mountain stream into the thirst of seedbed, sweet, warm warm flow into my heart, the day all my tiredness seems to has been diluted. I wholeheartedly preparing dinner for the daughter, not tired and tired Dream beauty pro hard sell, but is full of happiness. 
I think this is the power of love! This is the power of god for all mother. 
Eat rice, like all yesterday all in the past, to sit down on the sofa. Room is warm, but the chilly feeling came again, Dream beauty pro hard sell and sleepy weakness, drowsiness. 
Daughter, helps me to bed cover the quilt for me, in her exclaim, thirty-nine degrees of high temperature, you heard my daughter soso concern to find drugs and husband there telephone inquiries. Daughter is as busy taking care of little fever, I carry water for medicine and use alcohol to clean my hands and feet, put a wet towel on my forehead, and article cover the quilt for me to cover their sweat for me. My fever is gone, the pillow I sweat, hands and feet just stretched out by outside Dream beauty pro, daughter have forced them to press the back. Although I like children provoked a long, hard but I'm still obeyed. 
Quietly lying on the bed, enjoying the daughter's love, enjoy the warmth moment. 
Love is not tired, again painstakingly also sweet. 

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