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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

Player Housing in Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 My biggest issue so far with this game is its longevity, i feel like there is absolutely nothing to do besides grind mobs over and over and over. Weapons are limited to tiers and its pretty much same thing it just does more damage or gains 1 new ability. I feel like there needs to be 3x more abilities per weapon, we need more things to do in the world that has to do with adventure, id love to be able to find some hidden treasure chests in corners of maps, id love to be able to find things that are very unique and cant be made by players so that not everyone has it in mere hours/days.

I would not mind seeing a weapon swap feature just to add more combinations/surprise factors by Albion Online Silver, i want castles to be a lot more important, same with cities, I cant even imagine what am going to do a month or 2 into the real game, hell make it 3-4 months and il have all tiers unlocked(probably) and then what.
There needs to be a clan war system, i would love to see quests that ask you to infiltrate enemy guilds base and kill few guild members or something, something that changes the pace from kill 2000 mobs for t6 and bingo you are done.
Player A has lots of time to play the game, he likes playing both a tank or a Mage. Player B doesn't have a lot of time to play but he only likes playing an archer. 
Player A can choose to use his learning points to help him keep both of his preferred classes on roughly the same level of equipment, 
Player B can choose to use his learning points just to focus on his archer. 
By doing this, players A and B might have roughly the same level of advancement, but player A will most likely be more skilled than player B due to his increased play time. 
Also I don't believe that you can use LP to partially level a skill you will have to have full amount of LP needed to level that particular skill. 
As as an alternate scenario player C could be a crafter and choose to use his LP to level his crafting skill so that he can keep up with his guild mates, spend them hem wisely my friends, once the game goes live there are no "do-overs"
It is really quite simple. The longer it takes to accomplish something, the more accomplished you feel when you complete it. When you max a character, the Albion Online Power Leveling is less fun then before you maxed it. There can be more then one way to max a character.... Like maxing gear, reputation, pvp rankings, etc... But if more than a handful of people get there and maintain it, then Albion will begin heading downhill. Longevity means not only does it take a long time to max a character, but new tiers of stuff that are even harder to complete are released occasionally. If I play ever day and never complete everything I am a happy gamer!

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