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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

MapleStory change regardless 分類: 未分類

 I think the requirements are fair and well adjusted. I do understand where people are coming from, but three years is a long time. I don't consider three years a "hiatus", that's basically being completely inactive. It's necessary to do something after ten years since we never had IGN wipes before. 


I'm worried about one thing though, this news not reaching the inactive players. Inactive players don't pay attention anymore and their e-mails accounts might not exist anymore. I'm sure relatively many of them would log in just to keep their names if they knew about this, though sadly there isn't much to do about that. 


There will be returning players MapleStory Mesos complaining about losing their IGNS due to not knowing about this, I can already see the threads roll in. Hopefully they will understand that being inactive means missing out on important changes to the game.

Just because you all know 2-4 people who came back after a long period of time like 4 years doesn't mean it's common and the name changes should be relaxed.


Ensuring that current active players can get a more meaningful ign and that future players can have a much larger variety of choices comes before catering to people who quit 3+ years ago and may or may not ever return.


The level isn't going to change regardless, if you really want to make sure your friends don't lose their igns then I'd suggest contacting them and letting them know. If you don't have contact with them and they've been gone for 3+ years then I don't see why it matters.


The big corporations and big Albion Online banks 分類: 未分類
I mean think of this way. AO decided to govern the economy by imposing regulations, the regulations are high taxes, high repairs, and restricted to access silver. The only people who can manage this are the big guilds, just like in the real world, the only businesses who can cope with high regulations and taxes are the big corporations and big banks. EvE online on the other hand decided to deregulate and say "Hey, you're all on your own, may the best man wins", thus the average person who is willing to take the time to understand the market can still compete with the big corps.
Really AO economy is more of a centralized economy where as EvE is more of a free market economy. Just like in our world today. The US of today is much more centralized today than it was in late 1800 through early 1900s, yet today the US is experiencing the biggest wealth gap between the rich and the poor, plus have more people on welfare or collecting government subsidies than ever. Where as in the late 1800s the US had the highest standard of living and the highest GDP growth ever known to mankind.
The solution is simple. The devs need to get out of the market by lower their Cheap Albion Online Gold restrictions and fees on silver that way players don't have to spend so much time farming silver but can do other thing such as pvp. It's a bit ironic because the thing is the more restrictions and fees they place on silver the more time people have to spend farming for silver.

Development Albion Online Philosophy 分類: 未分類

 The only thing is seeing what you are going to do with the fame changes.Your bug/QOL (or "Backlog") list is neat to read and all but is entirely overshadowed by the fame/progression system being in turmoil currently.

That, more than anything, is the real cause for concern for long term players of Albion such as myself. This isn't the first Alpha/Beta I've been part of. Each time you guys change something, you often times gut the entire concept of the system and start over from scratch. While this works for the best in some cases, such as the resource/crafting system and it's positive impact on gear availability and the economy, there are other cases where it's a complete miss and causes more problems down the Albion Online Silver .Which brings us back to the fame system overhaul. It's incredibly difficult to not be a little cynical at this stage what we'll actually end up getting. I can safely say that those in our guild and even alliance are hoping for the best but unfortunately expecting the worse.The heals are going to be a tougher fix but currently every person in the game in our guild does not enjoy playing their healer (except in pvp). Perhaps some kind of ‘vamp’ effect with each heal (against NPCs only) and some lowered aggro tables (our healers die sometimes in pvp fights because ALL the NPCs aggro them) or increased fame generation might tweak it to be in a slightly better place. Nothing major, but a small adjustment toward each of these suggestions would give a starting place from which to reassess. Or just let them level an alternate weapon for fame and pvp/pve with that sometimes.

Player Housing in Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 The Auction House is incredibly convenient. That convenience should carry a steeper price. No one has ever asked me to craft something for them to avoid the AH taxes. You put the craftsmen's name on their wares (something I love) let that lead to players contacting each other.

Alehouse - gain fame by boasting or pay a Bard to do it for you! drink, eat and be merry (gaining buffs that could potentially last for hours).Boardinghouse - Log out of the game at the Boardinghouse, get a bonus once you log back in (based on the time away in Albion Online Power Leveling relation to the tier of the building). Ideal for when you are visiting a different town and far from home.
Right now, our characters do not feel like they "live" in the World. We need more to do than click on resources and farm Silver. We need places to visit other than dungeons and the AH. Give us those places and reward us for going there.There are dozens of reasons why Towns exist. Albion would only need a handful for its towns to feel vibrant and alive.
'Yellow' zone PVP - I am a "carebear" solo player. I do not seek out PVP. I actively avoid it. But, I do spend the majority of time in 'yellow' pvp zones farming silver and gathering. While I love. LOVE <3 !!! the red dot on the mini map system, it bothers me (see #1 Immersion). I would suggest keeping the mechanic of being able to see where people are on the map but limit its use to an off hand item (for example a crystal ball and spyglass) and make those items usable in all zones. The screen is relatively small and if the only notice you get of a hostile enemy is them being on screen, it is already too late. Not good. But, I would remove flagging from the game. 
It puts the aggressive players at too much of a disadvantage. If someone attacks another person, then they should be marked Red (unable to enter safe zones and attackable without the attacker losing the noncombatant buff) for a period of time. That said, I think the buy Albion Online Gold  non-aggressive buff should only apply to the player's Defenses to represent their primary desire to escape harm instead of inflict it.

Player Housing in Albion Online Multi-boxing or Albion Onlin 分類: 未分類

 If you have ever fought people multi-boxing or multi-accounting in other games, then you would learn they are free kills.

Sure offensively they can fire off a barrage with a single click, but they can not react or move effectively to defend themselves to someone who employs or uses knockbacks, aoe silences, single target pulls or movement snares to disrupt the multi target broadcasted clicks.
If the multiboxers characters are not all exactly in the same spot, they can not move or target effectively with the broadcasted commands and they are an easy kill as the individual characters will be clicking randomly elsewhere on screen. To gather all the characters back into Albion Online Power Leveling position the boxer has to individually command them back or try running all his characters back into the same corner to align targeting.
Here's to everyone who was gotten free coins from Samdaman Deathwalker and akin "professional" multibox pvpers!If the only reason would be extra bank space and you want to allow it, why just not make more space in banks? There would be no reason to use multiacc.