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2016 年 1 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

The Understanding Of Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 Stop talking out of ur ass. The things you just mentioned are being adressed by the devs and they do listen to feedback. Probably the only devs in any game I've played that actually listen.

Whats ROFL is you failling at understanding that this is a BETA test and they have priorities and not everything can be fixed at the same time.
Also, they dont have servers only in US, diff clusters have diff servers and theres one in europe, one in the Albion Online Silver and some other I cant remember? So everybody is in the same boat.
Next time do some research before making urself look like an idiot.
I personally would love a wipe. I feel the value of testing from the start with the new fame system would be really useful to the devs. Right now, they are merely guessing at the speed at which we should be leveling up, without a real round of testing to have data to back it up, we won't know how accurate it will be around launch.
On a personal note, I started late to the beta. I would love to be on the same level as everyone. I'm in a pretty crappy state at the moment being a whole tier behind most players. It makes me not want to keep playing at all. Log on, get killed by some people in better gear, log off. That is my daily routine mostly by buy Albion Online Gold. A wipe would make me happy with the game rather than frustrated. I love the idea of it, but being behind because you started late makes is a lot less enjoyable.e- People are saying "we need to test the end game". Do people really think that more than a handful of players are going to grind out millions and millions of fame? If they want us to test the end game, they would buff the hell out of fame rates so almost everyone would test rather than just a few.

Question About Placing Structures On Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 This looks great, Yasmin. The team have been hard at work since last test, many new changes, I like. 

In game mail system by buy Albion Online Gold, and guild finder are great additions. As well the guild emblem system for our shields and capes looks very good too.Question about placing structures, last test you could place a structure anywhere in a sandy area, have these been removed? Now every space is rentable? 
These new containers we can build anywhere in the world, say while mining, are they secure? Only myself and those I give permission can open?As stated by others, the flag should be 1 per character, otherwise we may seem massive spam from a few select players.
It cost silver to mail someone, so eventually they run out of money?
But currently there's no real system in place to hinder such Albion Online Silver, would be wise to eventually get on yeah.Keep in mind a lot of these stuff are freshly implemented and we have a long way to go before we can say this is how it's gonna look and be like in release version.
When we say Alpha it's an alpha not a preview of the game, i hope people realize that! 

Beta State On Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 I agree with others that the re-roll system is a bit of a thumb in the eye to crafters in general. Maybe make an item that can be crafted and sold to allow for a re-roll? At the very least drastically increase the price of re-rolls to make it worth checking for Epic and Legendary items, now it is simply not worth the effort by buy Albion Online Gold. I am hoping that when the game releases the repair merchant is not set statically in each town as it is now. It seems like a waste of building and maintaining one on a guild/personal island. Having that building as a "admin" owned building really detracts from the idea of a player economy. It is your best opportunity for an easy silver sink without really changing anything. I am hopeful that these things are setup as they are because of the game being in a Beta state.

By having our name locked to who can salvage it for the fame, it prevents us from buying tons of gear for more fame.
The price of gear, versus the price of mats versus the amount of fame gained from crafting versus gained from salvaging will determine if there is value in it or not to actually buy items and salvage them for fame. With the current market, itll be worth it. I dont see the market changing too hard around this, so you can still get benefit by crushing the items versus crafting them.
This can be fixed by having salvaging not a high fame reward, which still gives incentive for more mats to rebuild and more fame slightly still.
this seems like a band aid fix to an issue on a server already live. once a fresh server is used this will not fix your issue at all. because now you have made making usless items a revenue stream. crafters can now buy up or gather lower resources and sell items on AH to players that want to power level with Albion Online Silver. this is why the idea to LOCK the items to the crafter for learning is the better route. as the only excess items on market will be the over craft from personal learning. sure you can still "power level" with silver by buying the resources on the market but this makes an economy as i am buying from gatherers as a crafter. with how you want to implement. crafters will just be selling to other crafters making it a closed loop system.

Player Housing in Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 My biggest issue so far with this game is its longevity, i feel like there is absolutely nothing to do besides grind mobs over and over and over. Weapons are limited to tiers and its pretty much same thing it just does more damage or gains 1 new ability. I feel like there needs to be 3x more abilities per weapon, we need more things to do in the world that has to do with adventure, id love to be able to find some hidden treasure chests in corners of maps, id love to be able to find things that are very unique and cant be made by players so that not everyone has it in mere hours/days.

I would not mind seeing a weapon swap feature just to add more combinations/surprise factors by Albion Online Silver, i want castles to be a lot more important, same with cities, I cant even imagine what am going to do a month or 2 into the real game, hell make it 3-4 months and il have all tiers unlocked(probably) and then what.
There needs to be a clan war system, i would love to see quests that ask you to infiltrate enemy guilds base and kill few guild members or something, something that changes the pace from kill 2000 mobs for t6 and bingo you are done.
Player A has lots of time to play the game, he likes playing both a tank or a Mage. Player B doesn't have a lot of time to play but he only likes playing an archer. 
Player A can choose to use his learning points to help him keep both of his preferred classes on roughly the same level of equipment, 
Player B can choose to use his learning points just to focus on his archer. 
By doing this, players A and B might have roughly the same level of advancement, but player A will most likely be more skilled than player B due to his increased play time. 
Also I don't believe that you can use LP to partially level a skill you will have to have full amount of LP needed to level that particular skill. 
As as an alternate scenario player C could be a crafter and choose to use his LP to level his crafting skill so that he can keep up with his guild mates, spend them hem wisely my friends, once the game goes live there are no "do-overs"
It is really quite simple. The longer it takes to accomplish something, the more accomplished you feel when you complete it. When you max a character, the Albion Online Power Leveling is less fun then before you maxed it. There can be more then one way to max a character.... Like maxing gear, reputation, pvp rankings, etc... But if more than a handful of people get there and maintain it, then Albion will begin heading downhill. Longevity means not only does it take a long time to max a character, but new tiers of stuff that are even harder to complete are released occasionally. If I play ever day and never complete everything I am a happy gamer!

Player Housing in Albion Online 分類: 未分類

 Sandbox Interactive adds a unique twist with player housing in Albion Online Silver.  There is great value in owning property in AO.  Player houses and their properties offer unique advantages.  The obvious advantage is that you have your own private oasis of which you can add some personal style.  I am sure as time goes on there will be different options.  As of now, everyone builds one of two houses, normal and legendary.  You can also lay down refining stations, crafting stations, pastures and farms.

The second advantage to owning property, and I believe this is unique to AO, are the player buffs.  Legendary founders get items that increase their carrying weight (statue) and health (spyglass).  However, there are numerous items and furniture in the game that give additional perks from regeneration to passive resistances and damage.  Inside my house I built a bed that added more health, a dinner table that gave health regeneration and movement speed, and a chest which provided an addition place for storage use Cheap Albion Online Gold.
It is best that you purchase your own 'player island' from the dock master in a major town.  The, build your house, two farms and pasture on it.  You can decide on what other buildings to use at any time.  Use a demolishing hammer if you wish to change a building.
Rules - each building has rules and restrictions that you may customize.  You can share your house with other players and either give them ownership, or access.  You may also adjust the restrictions that limit how the other players may place or use the furniture.