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2014 年 1 月 9 日  星期四   晴天

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 supermario bred 13s 2013 shoes

The glow in the dark shoes sole is very eye catching. This is glow in the dark nike air yeezy shoes for men. It is black and red. The colorways of black and red is the most popular. Bright pu leather is used for the appearance of this light up nike air yeezy shoes. There are only two colours for the upper of this nike shoes. It is clear and simple but fashion.

The most nice feature is the glow in the dark shoes sole with the blue green light. It is very beautiful and cool for me. This nike air yeezy shoes is fashion no matter it is in the day or in the darkness. Sport shoes such as this nike air yeezy shoes is very welcome by the people. The function of this glow in the dark shoes is very nice.

Customized nike dunk high tops shoes is green. The design inspiration of this custom nike dunk high tops is yoshi. Yoshi is the most lovely and welcome jordan 13 bred cartoon character in the super mario game. I like this nice game and I like the yoshi more.

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Yes, thisIphone Nike Shoes Custom Dunk High Tops is really wonderful. It is perfect feel to wear this custom nike dunks shoes. It seems to wear one pair of high techology custom nike dunk high tops apple logo sneakers. Simple and lighting sneakers custom high tops is the most attraction for the fans of the nike dunkd including my young brother. It looks great!

2014 年 1 月 8 日  星期三   晴天

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 Semantic jordan 13 bred Compositions

Yesterday, while browsing a Jewish cultural site, SC noticed an ad for a website called "Frumster" ("frum" is bred 13s a Yiddish word meaning a very religious person). The site bills itself as "the dating service exclusively for Orthodox Jewish singles worldwide" (emphasis in original).

The name Frumster is just one more in a series of " ster"s beginning with the original, Napster. There are plenty of others, including Grokster and Friendster. Thanks to Napster and those who have followed in its path, " ster" looks like it's become a cranberry morpheme with a meaning along the lines of "thing for finding something, possibly (but not necessarily) what it's attached to". It's not always compositional Napster doesn't help you find a place to nap, and Grokster doesn't bred 13s 2013 help you grok anything, but Friendster definitely is intended to help you find friends. As further evidence that people use it productively, SC was able to find coinages of "carster" and even "warezster" (perhaps surprisingly, no such site actually exists, although it would be the target of massive lawsuits if it did).

Of course, since Napster's momentum was stopped cold, " ster" may not have much life left in it. Most of the coinages above are from 2000 or 2001; new " sters", particularly successful ones, are hard to come by. Maybe the next big one is really going to be " gle", with a meaning not unlike the one " bred 13s for sale ster" was working on acquiring. Lovecraft fans will be delighted to learn about "Cthuugle" (which SC is grateful to Uncle Jazzbeau for coming across; he didn't mention it, but they've got a great error message for searches that come up empty). Your host failed to successfully guess any other words that " gle" had been tacked onto to describe a search engine for something, so perhaps it won't really catch on.

Proclaiming something to be a cranberry morpheme probably requires it to have a bit more stability within common vocabulary than just being "meme of the moment". " ula" is productive in part because Dracula is well known and has been for a long time. And "cran " has had millions in marketing dollars behind it for many years. Maybe the closest thing that the computer science field has to a cranberry morpheme with this kind of stability and popularity is " soft", whose owner I won't bother linking to (since they decided not too long ago that they didn't want a follow up interview with SC; perhaps they know that he was about the last person to give up on OS/2 at home).

2014 年 1 月 7 日  星期二   晴天

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 Roanoke police auction off unclaimed seized goods on the Internet

About every other month, a PropertyRoom truck stops in Roanoke bred 13s for sale to collect seized items that cannot be returned to their owners. Those items are auctioned, with part of the proceeds being returned to the department.

Roanoke police Lt. Other items that were transported by the company include a basketball, a car stereo, a television and baseball bats. Other police agencies in the area use similar Web sites to auction off seized goods. More than 1,100 agencies nationwide, including the Roanoke police and the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, use PropertyRoom's auction system.

Seized or unclaimed property left in the Roanoke police locker gets sold online. This system jordan 13 bred uses less manpower than live auctions used to.

Starting bid for the pink wool J. Crew blazer valued at almost $200: just $1.

Pink Coach shoes to match the blazer? Bids on the designer heels also started at $1 but quickly climbed to $36.

This isn't eBay or Amazon.

After police hold evidence for as long as the law requires, they give it back to the owner, if possible. If not, they can destroy it or sell it.

For police, it helps clear out property rooms that fill up quickly and puts an end to other time consuming methods of purging, such as organizing live auctions.

Roanoke police Capt. Greg Staples, who oversees the department's property room, can remember when officers would spend up to a month preparing for a live auction.

"It was just very, very labor intensive," he said. "Now, it's just the perfect system."

About every other month, a PropertyRoom truck stops in Roanoke to collect items. An evidence technician bar codes the items and the driver helps load them into the truck.

On Monday, PropertyRoom driver Noren Trotman made a stop at the Roanoke Police Department.

He drove off with a basketball, a crowbar, a car stereo, a television, a Nintendo DS, Air Jordan shoes, a radar detector, baseball bats, tools, about 20 bicycles and more. Jewelry or other items thought to be of value are tested for authenticity, and counterfeits are thrown out.

The remaining items are photographed and put online. Bids for jewelry, laptops and most other items start at $1. Vehicles start at $100.

Roanoke gets 50 percent of the profit from the online sale. In the past year and a half, the goods have brought in about $5,500, Staples said. The money goes to the city's general fund. bred 13s 2013

While the inventory on sites such bred 13s as PropertyRoom isn't quite as expansive as eBay or Amazon, there is no shortage of bicycles, jewelry, watches, computers and other electronics.

Among the more unusual items that have been sold are a 7 foot fiberglass shark, a coffin gurney and a colonoscope.

2014 年 1 月 6 日  星期一   晴天

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 Race to Top winners chosen jordan 13 bred arbitrarily

Tennessee and Delaware, the first two states to win education funding through President Obama's $4 billion Race To the Top competition, were chosen through "arbitrary criteria" rather than through a scientific process, according to a new report by a non partisan research institute.

In the first round Education Secretary bred 13s Arne Duncan chose two winners from 16 finalists. Delaware won $100 million, or about $800 per student, and Tennessee was awarded $500 million, or about $500 per student. The second round is now underway and Duncan has said he expects more states to win.

The applications presented by the two states won the most points Delaware, 454.6 and Tennessee 444.2 that were awarded by a panel for the level of compliance with school reform policies favored by Duncan and President Obama.

Those reforms include expanding the number of charter schools and linking teacher evaluation to student performance and standardized test scores.

The Education Department said the winners were selected on the precise numbers and were objective. The report says otherwise.

The 500 point system has six major categories, seven general categories, and various subcategories. By assigning numbers to each one, "the Department implies it has a testable theory or empirical data to back up its quantitative method."

But it doesn't have either, and, therefore, assigned the numbers subjectively.

"Further examination suggests that the selection of Delaware and Tennessee was subjective and arbitrary, more a matter of bias or chance than a result of these states' superior compliance with reform policies," it said.

And, it said: "The necessary subjective judgments required both for category selection and weight assignment makes a fair competition practically impossible, even if the competition is undertaken with great care."

The report even questions whether Duncan and his team chose the indicators for the competition carefully enough.

"RTT awards 10 points for "developing and implementing common, high quality assessments," referring to assessments that are aligned with the common standards in reading and math being developed by the National Governors Association (NGA), Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and a number of states. The Blueprint, however, also proposes competitive grants to develop 'high quality assessments in .

What is unfortunate is that a lot of states spent a lot of money putting together applications, only to come away with nothing, and now they are being forced to do it all again for another chance at potentially nothing, and definitely less than they'd been promised before. Eventually, states will realize that money from the federal government is a double edged sword that often bred 13s for sale weakens state education as much or more than it reinforces state efforts. We'd probably all be better off if the federal government just stopped taxing everyone by however much they are giving to schools, let the states take over and tax for the difference, and then spend the money on actual education instead of on layers and layers of bureaucracy that No Child and Race to the Top have creating and are continuing to create. Adding administrative positions to measure outcomes, organize testing, and apply for federal money that is just going to be spent on more layers of administration doesn't actually help students. The fundamental flaw in the report's conclusion is captured in your headline: the word "arbitrarily". That word suggests that the judging was merely one of convenience. Criticizing the judging as "subjective" is more accurate but is still a stupid criticism.

When the Pulitzer Prizes were handed out, did you criticize the judging for being "subjective"? No, that's part of the judging process. In fact, let's face it: The whole idea of "judging" is based on the idea of subjectivity. If there were completely objective/measurable criteria, a computer would be able to analyze the applications. Human judges would be unnecessary.

ALL GRANTS are subjectively judged. Duh. For example, people apply for NIH grants, and, despite the use of criteria in scoring, everyone is well aware that other scientists are rating the grants, USING THEIR SUBJECTIVE JUDGMENT. prejudiced against the grant), but there's no "objective" way to determine whether one grant application is more or less innovative than another's. It's just the reviewer's own SUBJECTIVE judgment.

It's stupid to think that this "Race to the Top" grant process was somehow tainted by "subjective" judgments. I'm simply saying that this bred 13s 2013 report is absurd for complaining about "subjective" or "arbitrary" judging.

I think most people could see through the false claim to objectivity. States were still being judged, and for all of the veneer of objectivity lent by a point system, everybody kind of knew that judges made decisions and awarded points based on their own biases. This is always the case, and it is not necessarily a bad thing that decisions are made subjectively. Most important decisions in life are.

2014 年 1 月 4 日  星期六   晴天

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 Plenty Of Air In Jordan's Sales

The Michael Jordan and the Shaquille O'Neal balls have been moving briskly. But a third one has been collecting dust so much, in fact, that Champs put it on sale last week to try to clear its stock.

It's a model endorsed not by a current NBA star, but by someone who's retired now. Some guy named Johnson. Magic Johnson.

"Shaq sells the best, definitely," said salesman Bob Skripol. "Then Jordan."

The Magic Johnson ball? "We sold one this week," Skripol said.

Will Jordan perhaps history's most active celebrity pitchman face the same endorsement fate in retirement as Johnson, the Los Angeles Lakers legend who as an active player only two years ago was raking in big bucks selling sneakers, soda and other goods?

Most experts said Wednesday that won't happen to Jordan, who pitches products from sneakers to underwear, from beverages to burgers.

"His ability to command the market arena is not going to be diminished," said Kurt Barnard, a retail analyst in New York. "In fact, I would say it will be enhanced."

Jordan stunned the sports world this week, announcing that he would retire at the height of his career after playing nine seasons for the Chicago Bulls in the National Basketball Association.

And as merchandising experts were weighing the effect of the news, quick thinking collectors were leading their own fast breaks to sports card shops to grab up Jordan memorabilia.

Experts in the commercial use of athletes said that Jordan is different from most athletes, whose advertising appeal fades fast once they are out of the day to day spotlight in their sport.

Jordan's long term contracts with advertisers, his appeal beyond hard core sports fans and his decision to leave at the peak of his playing career make him a more durable pitchman, they said.

"For a very long time, there is not going to be any dent in this man's commercial and corporate appeal," said Marty Blackman, who heads a New York based firm that matches advertisers and sports figures.

Jordan's most valuable contract is with Nike Inc., the sneaker company from Beaverton, Ore., that sells $200 million a year in Air Jordan basketball shoes, clothes and accessories.

"Nike has bred 13s for sale done a great job promoting Jordan," said Dana Pound, assistant manager of the Foot Locker store at Westfarms.

The most recent version of Jordan shoes is a set of black hightops with a multicolor sole and streaks of white and red on the side. Price? $130.

"Kids do ask for them by bred 13s 2013 name, especially during the season," Pound said.

The Sports Marketing Letter, a sports industry publication based in Westport, estimated that Jordan will get $17 million or more from product royalties and commercial appearances for Nike, more than half of the $28 million it estimates Jordan will command from commercial deals this year.

Nike spokeswoman Liz Dolan said the company will have to re examine Jordan's role in advertising for his newest shoes, due out in late November.

But she said Jordan's retirement probably will mean an expansion of his association with Nike rather than a dilution of it. "We have always planned to have a relationship with Mike beyond his playing days," she said.

Commercials for the Quaker Oats Co.'s Gatorade sports drink have invited consumers to "Be Like Mike" when quenching a big thirst, and company spokesman Ron Bottrell said Jordan's retirement won't affect the company's contract with him.

But the retirement announcement was clearly affecting the sports card business. Jordan was showing a higher profile at Pro Ball Sportscards in West Hartford center.

"We've had five or six people in here today buying cards," said Josh Alloy, a salesman. "I only jordan 13 bred have one version left."

That was a $1.59 card encased in plastic.

Alloy had stocked Jordan cards ranging in price from bred 13s 75 cents to $8.50.

If a collector were fortunate enough to come across a mint condition 1984 Jordan rookie card from the Star Co., it would cost about $7,500, said Roger Thornton, owner of Collectible Investments in Meriden.