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2014 年 8 月 26 日  星期二   晴天

The Broolyn bridge tower 分類: national

A New York City man was arrested on Sunday after climbing to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge, where he snapped photos with his phone before answering police demands to come down, authorities said.

The man, Jimmy Wong identified as Yaroslav Kolchin, 24, faces charges including criminal trespass and reckless endangerment for the afternoon stunt that occurred as the iconic bridge linking Brooklyn and Manhattan was packed with tourists.
Kolchin ascended a support beam connected to the tower on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, which stands about 276 feet (84 meters) above water, the New York City Police Department said.
The incident prompted a response from police teams on the ground as well as from the harbor and aviation unit Jimmy Wong.
"A uniformed sergeant observed the individual climbing the cable beam and broadcasted the suspect's description and location over the police radio," a police statement said.
The suspect reached the top of the tower where he walked back and forth and "took photos with his iPhone," police said.
A helicopter hovered at level with the man, who did not cause any damage during the incident Jimmy Wong. He eventually descended and was taken into custody.
Nobody was injured, police said.
Sunday's climb comes weeks after another high-profile stunt on the bridge, when someone apparently scaled the span and swapped out two American flags with white flags.
Two German artists have said they carried out that stunt Jimmy Wong. The flags were back on American soil Sunday, but police did not know where.

2014 年 8 月 13 日  星期三   晴天

The survival of lung transplant recipients of the longest i 分類: office furniture
A SLIGO WOMAN who was given just days to live in 1988 has entered the record books as the longest-surviving lung transplant recipient in the world.
Vera Dwyer, who developed fibrosis alveolitis (progressive thickening of the walls of the air sacs of the lungs), underwent a pioneering lung transplant operation in the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital in London in 1988 after her lungs began to fail with only days to live Jimmy Wong.
Vera celebrated her entry into the Guinness Book of World Records at the launch of Transplant360 a new web resource for people who have undergone an organ transplant.
She was one of the first to undergo the ground-breaking single lung transplant surgery in Harefield Hospital 26 years ago, and was one of three people to receive an organ from a 24-year-old female donor, whose other lung and heart went to two other recipients who have since passed away.
Vera Dwyer lung transplant recipient with three generations of her family daughter Linda Kiernan great-grand daughter Leah Carmody and granddaughters Amy Kiernan and Sarah Kiernan
Vera says that she owed a debt to her donor to remain healthy.
“Before my diagnosis I was healthy, fit and played for the County Roscommon Camogie team. I never smoked a day in my life. I was devastated to learn that my two lungs were failing but I was given one chance and I grabbed it Jimmy Wong.
I owed it to my donor to do everything in my power to look after myself after transplantation by following a healthy lifestyle with exercise, eating well and managing my medication.
“I have lived to raise my four young children at the time, and see them grow up to have their own children and I now even have a great-grandchild, Leah, who is now three. It is a wonderful gift for which I am forever grateful Jewelry hong kong.”
The online resource for people who have undergone an organ transplant,, has been launched to provide long-term health advice and support.
The initiative, sponsored by pharmaceutical company Astellas, aims to be a focal point for the entire transplant community, including patients, carers and healthcare professionals, office furniture to promote long-term health after receiving an organ transplant.

2014 年 6 月 13 日  星期五   晴天

France's choice 分類: national


Players such as Anders Iniesta have considerable experience of winning major trophies.

SPAIN HAVE ALREADY won a historic three major trophies in a row at international level and a fourth looks eminently feasible.


Virtually none of the non-Spanish players competing at this year’s World Cup have experience of winning a major tournament at international level — a factor that can be vital when the pressure intensifies in the dying stages of the tournament Amethyst earrings.


The momentum and the confidence that builds also should not be underestimated — Spanish football is simply steeped in success currently, with even the younger players who have come through the under-age set-up accustomed to winning tournaments at youth level.


And not to mention the fact that the country have also produced this year’s Europa League and Champions League winners hair transplant, while the Atletico players will still be rubbing their eyes after claiming the La Liga title this year.


So whereas most countries are hoping to win, Spain go into the tournament expecting to triumph.


2. Strength in depth


Diego Costa not fit? Sure they can always play a false nine nu skin hk, Fernando Torres or a host of others?


Iker Casillas’ form a bit dodgy this year? Ah well, they can just pick David de Gea or Jose Reina instead.


Spain have an embarrassment of riches — Real Madrid’s high-profile signing last summer Isco didn’t even make the provisional squad, while other notable names were left out of the finalised one.


Many teams’ chances would be dismissed if a player of the calibre of Diego Costa was ruled out, though Spain will remain strong contenders even if one or two of their best players miss the event through injury nu skin.


3. Quite simply, they have the best players

2014 年 3 月 21 日  星期五   晴天

Rihanna's persistence 分類: 未分類
A police officer who distributed an evidence photo depicting Rihanna's injuries after she was attacked by Chris Brown was properly fired for her actions, a judge ruled Thursday.
Former Los Angeles police officer Rebecca Reyes took a picture of an evidence photo and the image ended up on celebrity website TMZ, although she denies that she sent it to the site nuskin hk.
Reyes snapped the photo to show to other officers and acquaintances, court filings state.
The image was one of several taken by police officers investigating Brown's February 2009 attack on Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty.
Superior Court Judge Luis A. Lavin issued a ruling agreeing with the decisions of a disciplinary panel and Police Chief Charlie Beck to fire Reyes in 2012. After reviewing the record, Lavin also concluded that evidence supports that Ryes "participated in the release of the photography showing Ms. Fenty's injuries to TMZ."
The judge said he agreed that Reyes should no longer be a police officer.
"At a minimum, the public is entitled to protection from unprofessional employees whose conduct places people at risk of injury and the government at risk of incurring liability," Lavin's wrote in his ruling.
Reyes' attorney Ira Salzman accepted the ruling without argument during a brief hearing Thursday. He said after the hearing that he was disappointed by the ruling and reiterated that his client did not leak the image to TMZ. He disagreed with Lavin's descriptions of his client as unprofessional, saying she "made a singular mistake."
"Rebecca Reyes is an outstanding person and was an outstanding officer nu skin," he said.
Reyes had been an officer for 10 years before she was fired. In the hours after the Rihanna attack, Reyes was assigned to a team planning to arrest Brown but was pulled off the assignment. She saw an evidence photo of Rihanna's injuries at her precinct and snapped a photo to share with others, including a former girlfriend who records show called TMZ.
The ex-girlfriend, also a Los Angeles police officer, told investigators she called the celebrity news site only to verify details of the attack that Reyes shared with her.
Salzman said Reyes' ex-girlfriend, Blanca Lopez, remains on the force and that the person who leaked the photo "has never been found and never will be."
Reyes and Lopez were in the midst of a breakup when the photo was leaked and both were investigated for their actions. Search warrants found no evidence of payments to either woman by TMZ, or conclusive proof of who gave the site the image Glass House.
Brown is currently in a Los Angeles jail held without bail after he was arrested March 14 for failing to remain in rehab as ordered by a judge. The rehab stay was part of his sentence for the Rihanna attack and his guilty plea on a felony assault charge.

2013 年 12 月 9 日  星期一   晴天

Tornadoes rip through Oklahoma 分類: national
The earthquake was centered near Arcadia, about 14 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, and was about 5 miles deep, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
OKLAHOMA CITY — A magnitude-4.5 earthquake in central Oklahoma shook residents Saturday, just weeks after the two-year anniversary of the strongest earthquake ever recorded in the Sooner state, nu skin and was followed by two smaller temblors later in the day.
The shaking is increasingly commonplace in the state, so after the initial surprise, customers at a central Oklahoma restaurant near the epicenter of the first quake returned their attention to an in-state college football rivalry game.
Marty Doepke, general manager of Pops Restaurant in Arcadia, near the epicenter of the first quake, said there was no damage at the restaurant that's known for its selection of some 600 soft drinks — hundreds of which are displayed in individual bottles along shelves.
"It shook a bit, that's for sure. Everybody just kind of stopped and looked around," Doepke said. "Everybody almost automatically knew what it was and then went back to watching the Bedlam game" — the Oklahoma State-Oklahoma football game.
The earthquake was centered near Arcadia, about 14 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, and was about 5 miles deep, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
The agency reported that temblor was followed by a magnitude-2.8 earthquake at 1:26 p.m. about 10 miles northeast of Oklahoma City and a magnitude-3.1 tremor at 5:58 p.m. about 6 miles northeast of the city.
Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman Keli Cain said no injuries or damage were reported from any of the quakes.
Oklahoma is crisscrossed with fault lines that generate frequent small earthquakes, most too weak to be felt. But after decades of limited seismic activity in the region, earthquakes have become more common in the last several years.
The strongest earthquake on record in Oklahoma was a magnitude-5.6 earthquake on Nov. 5, 2011. That time, the football stadium in Stillwater, about 70 miles north of Oklahoma City, g-suite cardinal started shaking just after OSU defeated No. 17 Kansas State and left ESPN sports anchor Kirk Herbstreit wide-eyed during a postgame telecast.
That temblor also toppled castlelike turrets at St. Gregory's University in Shawnee, some 40 miles east of Oklahoma City.
Since 2009, more than 200 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater have hit the state's midsection, according to the Geological Survey. Scientists are not sure why seismic activity has spiked, but one theory is that it could be related to wastewater from oil and gas drilling that is often discarded by injecting it deep into underground wells.
Saturday's magnitude-4.5 tremor was felt in the northern Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond, where Gabriella Devero, a University of Central Oklahoma student, was visiting her grandmother and experienced her first earthquake.
"My jaw was just wide open, 'Was I actually going through an earthquake?'" Devero said about her initial thoughts. "Then I was like, 'Yep this is actually an earthquake g-suite cardinal manchester.'
She continued: "My grandma came into the room and was like 'Gabby are you OK,' and I was like, 'yes, I'm just terrified.'"