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2015 年 3 月 3 日  星期二   晴天

Forever travel 分類: life

Like to see a tree in full bloom. Unrelated to art, has nothing hypocritical, just think a tree flowers, especially another on tender flowers, very warm. Thus, in the hills turn peach, peach Ilex photos temptation, I decided to follow cc motorcycle club we embark on the road of Lechang foot flowers.

Finally, when the Ching Ming departure , the train had to be replaced after the bus, all the way to traffic jams, bus bumps. But this did not make me regret it, though I was a sickness of the poor children, although I first train full of full of expectations. Lechang piece seems endless, winding road and on the drive that I left the deepest impression.
Car finally opened to the Jiufeng town, hidden in the depths of the mountains, a village surrounded by Peach Grove. I always imagine Manshan in peach season, here is how much more romantic and warm. An old village house, peach for the wall, canola flower for bar, even if it is not a beautiful woman, smile who themselves have become gentle and moving. But yes, is imagination. The trip leaves at least this year, can not be filled with regret, that we missed the peach blossom season. When we arrived with great expectations jiufeng, leaving open the defeat of the peach there is still a brilliant canola flower solace we disappointed heart.
We missed the peach garden trees, but did not miss is our flowers sinking heart. Flower lost, we still happy. Carrying a tent village far away from the path walked prepare camping, tents lined up along the long road, has been extended to the orange grove. And we set a new path, head of the team with our tent in a small river bar. The most fun is in the evening when the dark back to get off the court, we are ready to enjoy the other person dinner. I think this is probably the happiest foot section of road. We did not take that path traveled before, but chose to re-explore a new path. Seen in front of the night is not clear, can only rely on a flashlight to see the foot traffic. So we tangled with a stream of wear from the left to the right, to the left and from the right to wear. Although the creek is very shallow, but we need to put in the river Big and smooth pebbles arranged in a temporary bridge across the river when it is not wet shoes, you also need a few people standing on top of the river pulled the man's hand in order to avoid slipping. Of course, this glorious task done by the team of boys. Through the vegetable is a difficult process. Jiufeng vegetable mostly terraced manner in accordance with the mound formation, they must attack wildly planted with a variety of vegetables. Small vegetable shoots emerge just not long walking trail can almost drowned, but the darkness became our other obstacles. Heard a scream from time to time, I know that our team has trampled a cute little vegetable shoots. That said, in apology for farmers uncle and nocturnal pleasures, we saw through the peach orchard to pick our leader. Suddenly, just as the army or the guerrillas march finally found the organization, like gentlemen, we arrived at our destination joy. We are a small team of happy, hong thai travel cooperative conquest conquest vegetable river, the purpose is to eat supper.
In the evening return to camp sites, campfire and supper sequel in the case of the creek stone edges also do not have some fun. Always felt that people in this life'd have a bonfire, a group of people around a bunch of warm flame, cook the tea, chatting. Even silent while listening to the gurgling sound of water next to the sky stars shine, but also a kind of a different kind of romantic and beautiful.
During the day is spent searching journey, we in groups, under the guidance of enthusiastic villagers toward higher altitude slopes forward, looking defeated yet open peach. Human psychology is such that in the peach Manshan time, perhaps no one will pay attention to those who have been hidden in the lush foliage of peach in, not to pay attention to canola flower among the hills under the peach, but not to pay attention to a clump of roadside Cong elegant small flowers overflowing. However, nu skin hong kong this decline is peach season, before all kinds of everything being ignored now become a rare beauty. I always feel, maybe peach has also ruined the foot of a beautiful thing. We do not see Manshan peach, but look for flowers trip was more fun. In Manshan peach touched is a fun, find a gorgeous peach half in particular deposit stray more is a pleasure.
I think, maybe travel is so often touched us, not our pre-planned landscape, but the road accidents occur. The trip travels sentence teammates won my heart, tourism is to play, travel is to experience life balance and enjoy the scenery. Because we are walkers, because we are traveling, we missed thanks are peach, but wrong, and can not be forever grateful to travel.

2015 年 1 月 2 日  星期五   晴天

Love is lots to talk about a topic 分類: life

What is love, always lots to talk about a topic

Love is the first rain, watering dry land spring
Love is the first ray of sunshine after the clouds, shining vast land
Love is an oasis in the desert, so proximity to people desperate to see the message of hope
Love is summer in the fresh air and nourish dry land
Love is in the winter a charcoal stove, so that people feel very warm
What love is, is the first sound crying baby
Mother sewn on clothes Niuzi
Father curved spine
After the sweet embrace lover
Is a teacher in the hands of chalk
What is love, is a lonely old bed warm words
Took the baby's arms are RULE
Is smoke in the fire and water
Lane is an exciting October
Is a salute soldiers adjustable desk
What is love, is the Four Seasons brook,
Is clear lake where fish roam
Love is beautiful, electrical desk breathtaking beauty
No words can express the poetry
Can not be compared to any of the flowers
Luxurious peony, because of your beauty and sigh
Noble lotus see you and malaise
Graceful bloom chrysanthemum nor courage,
That Aoxue Plum also hurt because of your beautiful bow gas
Love me, love is you adjustable desk
Is Changbu Wan song, sing the endless song
Lots to talk about is a topic

2014 年 10 月 14 日  星期二   晴天

Grief in the rebirth 分類: life

It was an unstoppable force 

He poured forth from the depths of the center of the earth 
With all of the brutal destruction 
Scour its former glory 
So busy over the eye 
Fairview ashes 
Who is it culturelle 
In a dark corner of choking 
Who is it 
In the desolate ruins of struggle 
Who's breathing wind scattered 
Who's heartbeat rain flooded 
Is the devil's claws, clutching your throat 
Is death machete, cut your heart 
Death cover is occupied constantly hovering hair transplant 
Is filled shadow Needless lingers 
Earthquake destroyed all 
Shock wave annihilation of everything 
That is what the eyes blink? 
So what is surging in mind? 
Is hope! 
Is warm! 
Merciful Lord 
This land is not destined to be isolated 
People's kindness adjustable desk 
Doomed island of rebirth 
Always bears the power to destroy the cold wave 
Your eyes can no tears 
Your mind can no grief 
We can heal your wounds bleed 
We can warm your cold hands 
You can perk 
We will always guard

2014 年 10 月 7 日  星期二   晴天

Capriccio rain 分類: life

Days of heavy, 

Is looking forward to a stirring rain. 
When the rain is very happy Handmade accessories
However, in the joy of the process is always mixed with a touch of sadness, 
But do not know the sadness comes from. 
I might is so sensitive Direct Subsidy School
So sentimental. 
A deciduous let me daydream, 
A flower makes me joy, 
I was moved to make a story. 
I have been hiding in their own world nuskin hk
Entertain, since pregnant self-injury. 
Maybe you can not understand, 
You're just the silent, you do not want to come into my heart, 
I'm still me, 
When it rains like quietly in a daze, 
Smiled quietly, quietly sad jimmy wong
Think for a man quietly.

2014 年 8 月 18 日  星期一   晴天

On the west side of New York City 分類: 未分類

One new Manhattan skyscraper will greet residents of pricey condos with a lobby in front, while renters of affordable apartments that got the developer government incentives must use a separate side entrance — a so-called poor door hair transplant hong kong.

In another apartment house, rent-regulated residents can't even pay to use a new gym that's free to their market-rate neighbors. Other buildings have added playrooms and roof decks off-limits to rent-stabilized tenants.
New York is a city where the rich and relatively poor have long lived side by side, with who pays what often a closely held, widely varying secret. But a recent spate of buildings with separate amenities for the haves and have-nots is hurling that question out in the open, provoking an uncomfortable debate over equality, economics and the tightness of the social fabric.
"Nobody treats me like a second-class citizen in my own home," says Jean Green Dorsey, who filed a complaint with the city Human Rights Commission this spring over her Manhattan building's fitness center. She and fellow rent-stabilized tenants aren't allowed to enter it despite a willingness to pay a fee; market-rate renters use it gratis.
Developers say they're motivated by business, not bias, and reserving some prime features for higher-paying residents is the price of having affordable housing in hot neighborhoods.
But officials are broaching proposals to force more inclusiveness, troubled by seeing landlords use affordable-housing tax and zoning breaks to create what critics view as a caste system.
In a city where Mayor Bill de Blasio was elected last year on pledges to increase affordable housing and shrink income inequality, an outcry erupted after his housing department signed off last month on the affordable bona fides of the Manhattan poor door building; the project was approved and started construction before de Blasio took office. Its creator, Extell Development Co., declined to comment nuskin.
"We believe there should be a much more equal approach to all residents," said de Blasio, who as a councilman voted for the 2009 zoning code change that allowed such arrangements but says the "nuances" of different doors weren't evident then.
His administration is taking a sweeping look at affordable housing programs. Meanwhile, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and other officials are clamoring to change the zoning code to end separate-door layouts. State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal wants to require landlords to offer amenities to all tenants, with provisions for reasonable fees. Councilmen Mark Levine and Corey Johnson are also drafting a proposal to add "class of renter" to the city's antidiscrimination laws.
To critics, treating rent-regulated residents differently sends a galling separate-and-unequal message. But developers say there can be financial and legal reasons for some separation.
Green Dorsey's landlord, Stonehenge Partners Inc., has said in a rights-commission filing that its gym policy is "an inducement to rent" market-rate apartments, noting that stabilized tenants get valuable plums of their own — like lower rent.
And fairly or not nuskin hk, apartment hunters may hesitate to buy an expensive place on the same floor as renters who don't have the same legal obligations, or means, to contribute to a building's ongoing expenses, said Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, a major developers' and landlords' group. Even if doors are different, such buildings make for a mixed-income block, he noted.
"I would think that would be regarded as a significant accomplishment," Spinola said.
Hundreds of affordable apartments are sprinkled through one sleek Manhattan rental development's two towers, their lobbies nestled in an interior courtyard. But an adjoining, smaller building with 80 other affordable units has a door facing a bus depot.
"I'm very grateful to be able to live here," said one tenant in that building, speaking to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity for fear of angering his landlord. Tenants do share such features as a shuttle bus to transit lines, but he feels the separation "creates a real class tension."
The landlord declined to comment.
Some market-rate residents say separate lobbies and amenities are about sharing expenses, not creating social distance.
In Courtney Harding's glassy condo tower in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood nuskin hk, owners pay as much as $1,000 a month on top of their mortgages to maintain the building and its services, she said. The common charges don't apply to renters in the low-rise, brick affordable companion building next door.
"If you're not paying the doorman's salary, is it fair for you to use the doorman?" said Harding, who feels tenants should have an option to pay fees to use amenities.
Boleslaw Wisniewski is one of those tenants, and he's fine with the way things are. His new, $700-a-month studio is about a quarter the neighborhood's going rate.
"The deal is very good," says Wisniewski, who doesn't think twice about the condo dwellers above him. "The glass building, it's a completely different building."