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2019 年 5 月 27 日  星期一   雨天

Canadian Vehicle Prices Still Higher 不安 分類: 未分類

It has been generally well known that Canadians, for the most part, pay more for their cars than Americans. Of course, right? After all, USA is home to some of the largest car companies in the world. The cost of importing all those cars into Canada from the USA must account for the price differences between American and Canadian cars, right?

Not exactly. The North American free trade agreement states that any car manufactured within North America can be imported or exported between North American countries free of duty.

In recent years Canadians have been importing record numbers of vehicles from the U.S.A. into Canada. While the exchange rate between the Canadian and American dollar has not had Canadians at such a great advantage in years, there are yet many other reasons why Canadians are flocking south of the border to make their next car purchase.

In a recent comparison between American and Canadian vehicle prices, it was found that Canadians are paying almost 20% more than Americans are for their new vehicles. That means most Canadians are currently paying about $5000-$6000 more, on average, than their neighbors to the south.

Car manufacturers justify their pricing with the argument that they are making up for lost dollars in the Canadian market, or that their pricing is simply set to what consumers have grown to accept. Seems pretty fair, companies should be allowed to set their pricing at a competitive rate, regardless of what is considered ‘competitive'. So are Canadians fated to pay high prices for new vehicles?

"Canadian consumers have to pay whatever the car manufacturers tell them to pay" says Kyle Jackson, author of ‘ImportCarToCanada!', an information website for Canadians who are looking to import a vehicle from the U.S.A. "Their perception is that they don't have the choice - a lot of Canadians are being ripped off and pushed around by rich car companies, and the worst part is, most Canadians don't even know it!".

ImportCartoCanada! helps Canadians with just about every aspect of importing cars into Canada from the U.S.A. Everything from step by step instructions, to money saving tips, and even hosts a community of other Canadians who talk about their own experiences importing vehicles Autel MaxiCOM MK908Pro.

"Why should a Canadian pay $52,000 for a brand new BMW 331i, when he could drive across the border and pick up the exact same car brand new for almost $12,000 less?" says Jackson. "I wanted to make a site where Canadians could quickly realize that they don't have to pay all the high prices they see on cars, they just need to do a little research."

Mr. Jackson's site may give Canadians all the answers they need about importing cars from the United States to save money, but what about car prices in Canada, will they be like this forever? "Like any market, the Canadian car market will take time to adjust Autel MaxiCheck MX808. These changes happen, just not overnight."

Until the market does change, Canadians will be paying higher car prices than Americans, or like many others, getting informed, and taking a trip to an American dealership to save themselves some money.

Import Car To Canada! » How to Import a Car, Truck, Van, Motorcycle or Passenger Vehicle into Canada

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2019 年 5 月 14 日  星期二   晴天

Work on Your Car and Save Using DYI Auto Diagnostics 愉快 分類: 未分類

Do you love to pay auto mechanics the big bucks? Some of them have sophisticated tools that save them loads of trouble. They plug them in, get the info they need, make the necessary adjustments and hand you the big bill. Something about this just isn't fair. You have experience. You understand the basics of engines and have done several repairs yourself. Why should you pay someone else so much money for auto checkups you can do yourself quickly and easily? What if you could do all this in minutes for a crazy low price? You can Autel Maxilink ML629.

We're introducing AutoTap Express DIY. With the AutoTap express, you'll be saving time and dollars from the moment you plug it in. If you're shopping on line at , you may have seen it. AutoTap is produced by its parent company B&B which was founded in 1981. Their US headquarters are located in Ottawa, Ill. and European headquarters located in County Galway, Ireland.

B&B has been developing and manufacturing automotive diagnostic tools for the automotive aftermarket since 1996 - the same year that OBDII vehicles appeared on the road. They have an inventory that allows them to ship your order the same day they receive it. They will even work with you on custom designed diagnostic tools Autel MaxiCOM MK908Pro. To back up their quality products, AutoTap provides free technical support in addition to an extensive library of technical reference articles. Customer service is not only a part of the AutoTap culture - it's their mission. You'll recognize this if you ever need their support.

If you want to save money and time and do some auto checkups yourself, you simply follow these few steps. You will need either a Windows laptop or netbook to perform the diagnostics. Windows version 7 is supported as well as Windows versions going back to Windows 2000 SP4. Your computer needs a USB port and a CD drive as well as 1 gig of RAM and 250 meg of hard drive space. Apple computers are not supported.

AutoTap Express comes with the hardware to connect to your 1996 or later vehicle and the software required to do the diagnostics. To confirm that your vehicle is OBDII compliant, check the emission compliance sticker which will be under the hood or on the door frame. To use the tool, simply plug it into the port on your vehicle and into your computer with the software installed. Follow the instructions on every screen and you'll be getting diagnostic information that previously only mechanics could see.

Whether you've seen this product on MyReviewsNow or heard about it from a friend, the same low price applies. This is one more reason why automotive diagnostics DIY may be the best choice for you. Whether you sense there is something wrong with your vehicle or you just want to make sure everything is ok - DIY diagnostics will help solve your problems. Perhaps you want to know if your vehicle complies with inspections, many of these can be done with your own AutoTap product instead of paying top dollar to someone else for the same results. Of course, these types of tools won't replace a qualified mechanic when you really need one, but they will make auto checkups easier. AutoTap will not reprogram your vehicle or control solenoids - it is simply a diagnostic tool designed to get valuable information on the condition and operation of the drive train of your vehicle.

In addition to AutoTap for cars, there is also an AutoTap product for trucks. Learn more about it on the AutoTap web site. Go to for more information on DIY auto diagnostics.

Visit Our Auto Store Today!

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2019 年 4 月 9 日  星期二   晴天

10 Ways to Avoid Slippery Roads & Costly Collisions 滿足 分類: 未分類

Winter is upon us dumping snow and ice everywhere. Of course, this means that when driving on icy roads your car is at greater risk for skids and collisions. First and foremost, a skidding car is almost always caused by the error of the driver, not the poor weather conditions. This means a dangerous mishap can be avoided.

I抎 rather you were safe this season so here are Ten Helpful Hints to keep you out of harm抯 way:

1.You can avoid sliding by reducing your speed (naturally).

2.Increase your stopping distances up to ten times greater than normal conditions

3.Skids are the result of pushing grip levels to the limit, or steering, braking and accelerating too harshly.

4.Be careful and reduce your speed around turns Autel MK808.

5.Gently and progressively steer and break.

6.Look for early signs of ice forming on the road. You can tell by checking if ice has formed on the windows of parked cars.

7.If the temperatures are freezing you want to be wary of rain because it is the predecessor to 慴lack ice?which is really transparent.

8.Try to avoid braking hard on slippery roads. This can cause your brakes to lock and the result is usually long Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, drawn out and potentially harmful skids.

9.If you do accelerate too fast and your tires begin to spin quickly put them into a higher gear.

10.If you find yourself skidding while in the middle of a turn remove your foot from the accelerator and avoid using the brake.


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2019 年 3 月 25 日  星期一   雨天

Who is the First Exhibition of the East China Automotive Sup 滿足 分類: 未分類

Prospect Analysis: As the industry's oldest professional exhibition, located in the capital, the influence of the New China International Exhibition ", not the individual initiatives of the next exhibition or weak, but, under the premise of assurance services and professional The exhibition site transitions, people have more expectations for the future of the New China International Exhibition (such as the Guangzhou Exhibition Pavilion transitions, but also made a breakthrough expansion of the process). Quite a long period of time, the Beijing Exhibition is still doing my first exhibition of the Northern Region.

Who is the first exhibition of the East China automotive supplies, and by the end outcome

Automotive supplies brand gathering place in the east, apparently, the East as a gathering of automotive supplies brand shake the lifeblood of the automotive supplies industry. However, some automotive supplies exhibition was launched in east China has been mediocre, and no one to enjoy the honor of the first exhibition of the East China automotive supplies recognized. Overview of the second half of 2011, in the end and source can be won head Rongdeng Hua East Exhibition respect

HC Exhibition - China (Hangzhou) Car Accessories Fair is a horse to break through the dark horse

"HC exhibition friends." This is the voice of the entire automotive industry. HC more than a decade as the automotive supplies industry veteran media like a day has been steadfast in their duty Autel MaxiCOM MK808, plays the role of the professional media networks, publications, events, exhibitions and other media channels. 2011, HC strong support of the Hangzhou Municipal Government and China Electronic Commerce Association, will be held in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7-9 December 2011 to carry out, this can be re-launched the automotive supplies industry-wide exhibition of HC expectations. Accurate positioning of the exhibition, 550-800 selection of exhibitors and professional audience of 30,000 people and build a grand "Green Alliance area, the area of foreign trade enterprises and e-commerce area in the automotive supplies industry Waves. Have competed to participate in the industry while concerned about the HC "online and offline interactive exhibition", an old friend of many years of cooperation with the HC China (Hangzhou) Auto Accessories Fair will be out of the East China firmly believe that by virtue of understanding and trust on the HC automotive supplies exhibition impasse black horse.

Automotive supplies industry, the first line under the online interactive exhibition (Corporate Identity index:

Concentrated HC automotive supplies, professional media and e-commerce of the two platform advantage, entity Show Network show three-dimensional spread of exhibitors to create a 360 ° marketing into thirds return.

Green low-carbon is the theme of the Fair, the exhibitors and exhibits selecting the best advocate for the industry of automotive supplies long-term green, environmentally friendly development, a comprehensive display of high quality, safe products for consumers.

4S shops of the country's largest Private Sourcing Conference (Corporate Identity index:

The organizers will be the industry benchmark for "Green Alliance" brand exhibitors FATF 4S shop special procurement of the General Assembly to create high-end brand products into the flow of 4S shop service channels to lock the high-end market.

Procurement Conference of the effectiveness of the automotive supplies industry (corporate identity index:

1:10. The organizers will take the initiative to invite an exhibitors 10 of intent to purchase the buyer's standard for buyers invited MK808TS, do not seek the largest, but to the effectiveness of the best exhibitors trading needs protection.

Jodiemht has been in the car aftermarket industry for 3 years. For more details,Please visit : , and

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2019 年 3 月 6 日  星期三   晴天

New Scooter Designs Provide Flexibility 愉快 分類: 未分類

New Scooters are showing up almost daily, something that speaks of the ever going popularity of the scooter in general. The functionality of the appearing designs highlight the ease at which new technologies such as thermoplastics and high tech aluminum alloys can be adapted to structures not originally considered candidates for their use.

The fast advancements in hi tech polymers and metal alloys has given the humble scooter new life in an ever broadening market today. Not only are these materiasl being used in high end powered scooters, but in the modest push scooter or kick scooter as they are also known.

These small inexpensive scooters tend to be thought of more as a sidewalk toy for young children. But more and more a new style of what is known as a foldable scooter is being utilized by an older generation as they traverse from mass transit portals to office buildings and other places of work or leisure.

Foldable scooters cross several design lines and encompass almost ever design level of the scooter market. Starting with the foldable kick scooter which might not be small enough to fit into a brief case, but it is small enough to be folded and placed under the desk once you get to work. Next would be the foldable electric scooter. Some what more bulky, and weighing in at about 50lbs and able to carry 200 pounds with a range of between 10 and 15 miles or 20 to 25km per charge cycle Autel Diaglink, its no wonder they have become so popular with dual mode commuters Autel MaxiCOM MK808.

No mater for what purpose you want or need a scooter, smile and have some fun, life is short. You can find more information about Pocket bikes, Scooters, Pocket rockets and mobility Scooters at in the articles section or in the midst of our many informative pages and links



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